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Department Of Works T-Shirt Company


The Department of Works just started following me on Twitter so I checked out their stuff and was glad I did. They have a lot of fun concepts, well executed that I would be happy to wear anytime.

Made in the Arcade

Toxic Suits

Achievement Unlocked: Left House – New Stuff From Split Reason

If you have played Xbox you will recognize the familiar “achievement” icon that rewards various stages of gameplay, well Splitreason, the specialist in “Gaming Wear” have realeased a couple of fun items. I love the Achievement Unlocked: Left House T-shirt, because sometimes it’s so hard to do when you are trying to finish GTA, but the underwear cracks me up even more :-)

Zero Punctuation T-Shirts From SplitReason and other video game chat

zero punctuation t-shirt

Finally, official Zero Punctuation merchandise from SplitReason, you’ve been holding your breath waiting for this, right?

If you have never heard of Zero Punctuation then you are missing out on a whole world of off color comedy and commentary on the world of video games. Now, you don’t have to be a gaming nerd to actually appreciate these videos either, as they are generally very funny even if you have no idea what “Yahtzee” is actually talking about. It’s especially satisfying if you’re British as he also throws some nice “in jokes” for the Brits and Ex-pats. Zero Punctuation lives on the great web magazine focused on gaming called The Escapist which is much more a thinking mans place for video game related commentary and editorial.

His recent video on the console wars is brilliant:

zero punctuation t-shirt

zero punctuation t-shirt

Another great blog on gaming is the Wonderland Blog which is refreshingly written by a female of the species called Alice. Also if you are into video games and you are not a pre-pubescent fucktard you should check out a community of gamers “over 30″ (although not a requirement) called SeasonedGamers.com

Oh and free $25 Threadless gift certificate to anyone that can name Yahtzee’s least favorite game genre :-)

Love Katamari Damacy

Panic, the venerable mac software company is now selling Katamari T-Shirts. Very strange, but so is the game :-)