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Last Day for best selling Gameboy T-Shirt from W00t!

Midnight tonight on the 29th of December is the last chance to get the best selling Gameboy “push my buttons” shirt from T-Shirt W00t!

Tea Bag – Apply Directly To The Forehead – 20% off at Jinx!

The Tea Bag T-Shirt is something low-brow and geeky for Friday, a hysterical combination of the Head On commercial and the age old video game tradition of teabagging, great stuff, use coupon code “TEABAGU” for 20% off. On a side note I found this T-Shirt in a magazine that I had never heard of before called Geek Monthly, my only question is why don’t I have a freaking subscription to this?

A T-Shirt For anyone that got a wii for christmas

Wii Shirt Large 01

For all those folks lucky enough to get a wii this Christmas here’s an aptly, although a little broadly named the Tii Shirt. Looks like it’s from a new company called See Colon Slash, although thankfully it’s printed on nice American Apparel (although what isn’t these days), and as it’s in preorder right now they must be doing some decent printing. Kind of like the unofficial t-shirt of WiiHaveAProblem.com.

tip of the hat to Gizmodo.jp (don’t ask me how)

Everyday Hero – From Mister Shape

Everydayhero 01

Wow, thanks to everyone who’s been sending me links and pics of t-shirts, I’ve found such great stuff. Here’s a recent fave from Mister Shape, one t-shirt for the Everyday Hero’s, the ones who plug away tirelessly everyday, never asking for any recognition, just a couch and a plasma to practice their craft. We salute you everyday hero’s no matter what your playing :-)

NES 004 Controller: Exploded View – huzzah shirts

nes 004

Huzzahgoods.com was kind enough to send me this sweet shirt, of an exploded view of an NES 004 controller. So much nerdy goodness about this shirt, it’s wonderful, and of course gets added to the “best t-shirt ever” category. Sorry about the crap photo, if I get some more in more interesting surroundings, or with a girl wearing it I’ll post again, in the meantime here’s the closeup:

nes 004 closeup