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Google Search and Destroy T-Shirt from Blood is the New Black

I fell in love with these T-Shirts from Blood is the New Black yesterday, the Google, Search and Destroy T-shirt is such a brilliant and simple joke that tweaks the nose of the search giant who’s guiding principal is “do no harm”.

As for the One Day I Will Make It All Up To You T-shirt, I love the color and the typography. The message strikes me as playful as well, it somehow indicates you may be doing something you will be apologizing for later, bought :-)

Typophile T-Shirt Competition Winner Now Avalable For Pre-order

Here it is, the winner of the Typophile T-Shirt contest ready for pre-order at their store. SN Rajpurohit from Ahmedabad, India has won the contest with his submission “Light, Regular, Bold & Bold Italic”. It’s obscure, not everyone will get it, and I think that is exactly the point, it’s a badge of honor for the fontoholics among us. Keep up with Typophile on their website and also check out the other shirts available at the Typophile store on Big Cartel.

Printed on: American Apparel
Cost: $22

Call For Entries – Typophile T-Shirt Competition

Typophile.com, an amazing site for the Type obsessed is having their 2008 Typebattle T-shirt contest. More bragging rights than prize money (unless someone want’s to sponsor it), so if you love type and want to give it a go, check it out.

Dear Lucifer

Done by street artist Sixteen I think this would make a great t-shirt, maybe two, one with the God one and one with Lucifer. Anyway, don’t rip him off, the one above was an art student that copied him and the one below is his original. You can also support him by buying some of his prints at handmadeposters.com which are pretty damn cool. He also blogs here at Le Crap, yes he’s Canadian.

Via Ffffound and tracked down to This Machine Kills

I also found this at Handmadeposters.com which is frickin awesome:

Signed and numbered limited to 500, hand pulled screenprint.

Typographic Education In T-Shirt Form


Not strictly a T-shirt, but of course it wouldn’t work without the zip :-) and who ever heard of a zip up t-shirt. Anyway, a work of genius IMHO from the folks at Veer, all we need to do is stop them stealing sheep!