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Keep New Zealand Beautiful T-Shirt from FOTC

keep new zealand beautiful

A classic for all you Flight of the Conchords fans, the Keep New Zealand Beautiful t-shirt that Jemaine wears. Also $5 does get donated to the Keep New Zealand Beautiful fund. The t-shirt is 45 New Zealand Dollars (whatever they might be called), which is about $34 USD.

Flight Of The Conchords T-shirts and Video Premier

YouTube exclusive premier of this FOTC video “for the ladies of the world”

And even has an official shop on music today selling a rather limited (but different from the HBO store) selection of t-shirts.


Pre-Order “dick in a box” t-shirt from bustedtees

A t-shirt is already available for pre-order from bustedtees based on that hysterical saturday night live skit “dick in a box” (this is the uncensored version)

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(this is an affiliate link so tcritic might make a buck)

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