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Chris Judge and Turtlehead Team Up for Online Exhibit (with free t-shirts)


Well thanks to Turtlehead for making this Chris Judge exhibit well within the Tcritic realm of topics I can write about without cries that my premiss runs thin. If you haven’t heard of Chris Judge (and as most of my readership is in the US so you may not have) he is a popular illustrator/artist in Ireland. Chris was recently named one of the “12 Illustrators whose work you need to see” by Print Magazine which is a very decent European design magazine.

Img 2730

The online exhibit features 22 of Chris’s original paintings (acrylic and marker pen on canvas) on display and available for sale, each coming with a limited edition t-shirt (although no word on how limited). The exhibit is going to be on from the Monday May 19th to May 26th (although no word on what happens when the time is up, and if any of the stuff will still be available for purchase).

Shirt 300

I think the designs will all make very striking and unique t-shirts, and may become some peoples most valued article of clothing (because to get the t-shirt you have to spend $150 to $220 on the art), makes a great story though doesn’t it.

Img 2725

here’s what they say about the exhibit:

This is the first online exhibition that Turtlehead are proud to announce. For our first exhibition we have joined forces with artist Chris Judge who has produced 22 original paintings exclusively for this show. Every painting bought comes with a free limited edition t-shirt design by Chris. If you live in Ireland you’ll also recieve a complimentary voucher for suchandsuch wine shop as we couldn’t figure out how to email glasses of wine without wrecking your computer. And if that’s not enough, all the shipping is free.

Img 2734

I actually think this provides a very useful model for blogs and artists to potentially collaborate beyond the crappy advertising model. Essentially the blog curates a collection for an artist and obviously gets a certain percentage of the sales as the “agent”/gallery. Obviously there is more potential for both the artist and the blogger to profit transparently on something with a higher margin than T-shirts (and could obviously work for lots of other items).

Chris also blogs here, I recommend checking it out.

W 0037 Judg Candyposter
(this is not in the exhibit but is another bit of his art that would make a killer T-Shirt)