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Clash of the Titans T-shirt by Psycho Reindeer

Ok, that turned out to be pretty easy but I thought it would be fun, you can get the T-Shirt here. Just found out about this company through my twitter friend sfgirl who also has The Clash of the Titans on DVD :-) The t-shirt company is called Psycho Reindeer and has some great designs which are all $12. I love the video game odyssey below.

New Type T-Shirt from Graphic Designer Lowman in the Netherlands

This is a new design and new designer out of the Netherlands, I love the treatment and the phrase has a nice ring to it as well.

Also I just implemented a new comment system called Disqus, please try it out and let me know what you think. First commenter gets a Threadless Gift Certificate, and the first commenter to answer this question get one as well (you can’t win both of them). The question is what is the name of the movie this shot is from: