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Tide selling vintage washed T-Shirts for charity

These Tide t-shirts are being sold by P&G to support both feeding the hungry in America (yes, hard to believe I know, the most powerful country in the world can’t manage that) and to fund a Loads of Hope trucks to support areas in the US affected by natural disasters. Please write about this if you have a blog and spread the word, they look like great t-shirts and are being produced by Junk Food Clothing, a t-shirt company specializing in soft vintage washed shirts.

This campaign was put together by an interactive agency called Critical Mass that my friend David Armano works as VP of Experience Design.

Q. Where does the money for the t-shirts go?
A. 100% of profits raised by Loads of Hope are spent in 2 ways 1) a donation to Feeding America (formerly known as America’s Second Harvest) to be spent on disaster relief and 2) to mobilize the Loads of Hope truck/ vans to send to communities affected by disaster.

Q. How much are the profits from the t-shirts?
A. A minimum of $4 from every t-shirt sale (on average, approximately $6 from every order) goes to support families affected by disaster. Profits increase as we sell more due to volume discounts and help in fixed costs. Tide passes all profits to the cause.

Q. How can I get the Loads of Hope truck to my community?
A. The number of natural disasters continues to rise, with 75 FEMA-declared disasters last year alone. While the Tide team unfortunately cannot respond to all of them, in the event of any natural disaster, Tide – in partnership with Feeding America (formerly America’s Second Harvest), FEMA, and other local and state agencies, officials, and relief organizations – assesses a series of criteria such as the number of people affected and the level of need for our services. Our goal is to mobilize our Loads of Hope program where we can be of the most help to others while ensuring the safety of our own staff and volunteers. Tide will also help bring hope throughout the year to many other natural disasters via its donations and support of Feeding America. You can help by going to www.TideLoadsofHope.com and purchasing a Tide Loads of Hope vintage t-shirt. All of the profits support families affected by disasters.

Q. Who is Junk Food?
A. Junk Food Clothing was founded in 1998 to create the perfect t-shirt: a vintage, soft-weathered tee that captures the essence of American pop-culture through licensed, retro-inspired graphics. Junk Food first partnered with Tide in 2007 to create the Loads of Hope vintage t-shirt. www.junkfoodclothing.com

Q. Where are the Tide Vintage T-shirts made?
A. All Tide Vintage T-shirts are made in the USA. Junk Food has 2 facilities in Los Angeles, CA that dye, sew and screen print the t-shirts.

Q. What is the fabric blend of the t-shirts?
A. All Tide Vintage t-shirts are 50% cotton/50% polyester blend.

Q. What is the sizing for the women’s t-shirts?
A. The women’s vintage t-shirts are created for a more fitted look. Please see the size chart in the previous slide for more information.

Q. How much is shipping?
A. With the purchase of one Tide Loads of Hope t-shirt, the standard shipping cost is $5.00. With the purchase of two or more t-shirts, the standard shipping costs are waived. Expedited shipping is $17.00 regardless of quantity purchased. Please see the above slide for additional shipping information.