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New Crowdsourced Twitter T-Shirts from Threadless

Threadless is now bringing their community voting and t-shirt design chops to T-Shirts with it’s new Twitter.Threadless.com section on the site. All you do is go to the site, login (thankfully using OAuth) and you can submit your favorite tweets which then get voted on by the community, winning tweets then get a design treatment from the in-house creative team and you win $500, or if you are submiting someone else’s tweet you get $140 :) Very clever. Threadles has also created it’s own tiny url tool so you can link to your submissions, here’s one of mine http://thrdl.es/~/ac.

Vote for Best T-Shirt of the Year from Threadless – Winner Gets $20,000

Wow, go to threadless right now and vote for one of the 331 T-Shirts from 2008, voting closes on the 19th and the $20,000 prize will be given on February 2nd, I can’t wait to see who wins. BTW I would love it if they did some kind of lifetime achievement award as well to reward some of the pioneering designers that helped build threadless.

Threadless $5 Holiday Sale FTW!

Threadless has just started their holiday sale, time to pick up some super bargains, starting at $5 :-)

Threadless Back To School Sale all T-shirts $9 and $12

Wow, a blowout sale as they say, Threadless has all it’s stock on sale at either $12 or $9, getting a $9 in your size will take some hunting, click here for all the $9 tees.

Home Theater T-shirt – New from Threadless

I saw this shirt the other day on threadless when it was still being scored and knew it would soon be printed and it was.

Thanks to the Mad Finn who alerted me to this

ThreadLess Team Up With Timbuk2 Creating Amazing Messenger Bags

Threadless and Timbuk 2 msp
(thanks to Gearcrave for letting me know about this story)

The Threadless saga continues and all things they touch continue to turn to gold, like these limited edition Timbuktu bags. All the bags are silkscreened with beautiful designs and limited to 200 pieces, very unique and striking and even better with a matching t-shirt.

True Love Gluekit msp

The New England design geniuses at Gluekit put this design together for this Timbuktu bag and matching T-Shirt from Threadless (Apart from the awesome bag and shirt I highly recommend you check out their site as well for some great graphics and “best use of audio in web navigation” IMHO).

Julia Sonmi Heglund Believe it msp

The design from Julia Sonmi Heglund is also a graphic treat as well titled Believe It, check out the bag here and the T-Shirt from Threadless here. Totally worth exploring her site for more graphic goodness as well, fabulous stuff, she has had several previous winners on Threadless.

Gossamer Robert Hardgrave msp

Robert Hardgrave’s design is called Gossamer, check out the bag here and the T-Shirt here. Check out Roberts blog at Farmerbobsfarm.com for more of his amazing artwork.

Jake Nickell’s T-Shirt Picks On Etsy

Jake Nickell founder of Threadless has done an interview with Etsy picking out some of his favorite T-Shirt designers and designs, I concur with Jake on most of his choices and pulled a couple of my favs. (I highly recomend subscribing to the Etsy blog, the Storque.

Slow Shirts – Hand Screened Original Drawings

I love the designs Slow Shirts is putting out there, so fucking good.
Il 430x n.26460411

Il 430x n.26460412

Il 430x n.29089978

And the test prints are real one of a kinds
Il 430x n.28646829

Cubist Literature – Re-Cycled T-shirts

Many of Cubist Literature shirts are hand drawn, recycled, inside out shirts :-) Unique? Check. Intriguing? Check. Awesome? Check.
Il 430x n.28549826 1

Il 430x n.28871045

Check out his blog cubistliterature.com for more weirdness


Enferno is a self taught 18 yo out of Utah who is doing some very unique designs.

Il 430x n.28555924

Il 430x n.28534305

Etsy is a wonderful place to find unique and had crafted stuff, any of you guys have any favorites?

Threadless $10 Sale on Through June 8th and trivia question

Another great Threadless sale with shirts as low as $10 and some excelent reprints, thanks Erin for reminding me to post :-)

To help you get a start on this sale i’m offering a $25 threadless GC for who ever can tell me what movie this image is from (leave your answer in the comments), keep an eye on this as I may post some follow up questions for extra GC’s:

Inc. Magazine Write up on Threadless

Inc. Magazine has an article coming out in June on Threadless but you can go read it now :-) Apparently the founders are highly sought after in business schools now, thank god, maybe we’ll get away from this crazy management by numbers and spreadsheets.

Revenue was growing 500 percent a year, despite the fact that the company had never advertised, employed no professional designers, used no modeling agency or fashion photographers, had no sales force, and enjoyed no retail distribution.

The Internet Was Closed Today – Threadless T-Shirt

Internet Closed 2

The Internet Is Closed and it’s a beautiful day in San Francisco today so get outside and stop reading the internets, we’ve all seen the Bill O’Reilly video and the kittens on the treadmill :-)

Internet Closed 1

Thanks Nick

Threadless Founders Video by Tara Hunt

Interesting video/interview with the Threadless founders. Tara (blogger at HorsePigCow) put the video together and has written a book recently called the Whuffie Factor about businesses that are succeeding by leveraging web2.0/social media and of course the community. Threadless is probably one of the best examples of a community driven company.

The book that will catch the crest of Web 2.0 and show how any business can harness its power by increasing their Whuffie, the store of social capital that is the currency of the digital world.

Running Rhino and Piggy Bank Heist from Threadless

piggy bank heist
Piggy Bank Heist

Piggy bank heist cracks me up especially as the poor thing has crapped itself :-) I also like the Running Rhino

running rhino
Running Rhino

I know these are old news for some people, but I created a draft days ago, and you know i’m putting the STP to good use :-)

Weapons of Mass Consumption – NYT Article

NYT threadless

New York Times has an interesting article on threadless today called “Mass Appeal“. Article covers aspects of Threadless business like some of the group aesthetic that emerges from the design democracy, to some of the Threadless stars like Glenn Jones and Ross Zietz. Sounds like the next generation of Threadless is emerging with a Threadless retail and gallery space will opening in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, to letting winning designers select certain shirts to be printed regardless of voting.

One interesting note was that threadless often prints t-shirts that generate a lot of 0 and 5 votes, with the idea that a polarizing idea sells. Sounds like the foundation of any good democracy.

One of the T-shirts in the picture: Swiss Army Tank


Freedom Call from threadless

Threadless Freedom Call

Freedom Call is a beautiful new design from threadless, reminds me of the T that made me fall in love with threadless in the first place and that was flowers in the attic (request a reorder if you click through, i’d love to see this reprinted).

Evidence Of Homework – Threadless

Dog ate my Homework

Although I had a dog growing up I have never used this excuse but I love this Homework Evidence T-Shirt, it’s seems like a joke that everyone would get. Anyway, it’s on sale for $10 and it seems like all the sizes are currently available.