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Ninja Dreams – From the amazing OwlMovment

ninja dreams

Unfortunately I can’t deep link to specific shirts so you’ll have to go direct to owlmovement.com, but the designs are so awesome it is worth scrolling through the designs. Also check out this photo set on flickr of the OwlMovments secret Tee Shirt party they held in Ybor City (Miami), FL. Very cool stuff.

A Graphic Equalizer on a T-Shirt

t-qualizerWow, a t-shirt with a built in graphic equalizer, very cool for parties, but imagine how annoying it would be just talking to someone with this on, very distracting. But, boy if you want some attention I guess this’ll do it. You can get it online from the Uk for 19 quid, about $40, runs on a couple of AA batteries. File this under t-shirt 2.0 again ;-)

The T-Qualizer is a shirt with a built in sound sensitive graphic equalizer. As the music beats, the equalizer moves to the beat of the music! Each frequency of music will activate a different equalizer bar, just like the equalizer on your stereo at home! Its a must have accessory for all concerts, parties or even raves! It has a fully functional Electro Luminescence panel with a battery pack that snuggles discretely into a pocket inside the T-shirt.

Tip of the hat to Teees

Hunter S. Thompson – When the Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro

Hunter Montage

The mullet is extra :-) Anyway, these crazy French Spanish guys at Le Filtre Demonde have some very cool, relatively high-brow t-shirts. Put it this way, if you think “i’m with stupid” is the height of t-shirt comedy, you’re going to hate these :-)


RTFM people


This is genius, I love this shirt, it is so clever. From all-tribes.com, looks like their in europe, but the shipping is pretty reasonable and they seem to have their shit together.

On a related note the Communist Party Shirt I blogged about a while ago has been one of the most popular posts on the site, go revisit some classic tcritic :-)

BTW Kathy Sierrra has been writing some great stuff on her blog “creating passionate users” about how companies should approach creating manuals.



T-shirts for Amputees from WheresMyLeg.com


Thanks to Jeff for the tip on these amazing shirts, I think they are just great.


I heart beer


If you want an indie t-shirt, go straight to the source. Here’s a designer out of Manchester, New Hampshire, Alex Dakoulas. New Hampshire, is of course the red neck cousin of vermont. Amazing how two states, geographically equivilent in so many ways, ended up with such polar opposite cultures. The crunchy, sandle wearing, tie die wearing vermonters, and the big fucking truck driving, trucker hat wearing, gun toting New Hampshire-ites.

Live free or die trying.

HONK if you’re going to run over me


That genius that is threadless has many gems, I like this one a lot. I also fancy the girl who’s just about to get run over :-)

Crazy Like Fox News T-Shirt – New From tcritic.com

BUY NOW Starting at just $15

A true tcritic original inspired by the Colbert Report. Get them before Fox gets me :-)

Comes in white, pink, blue, and pebble, regular, fitted, babydoll, and youth S,M,L, XL, and I even purchased the EPS of the foxnews logo so it’ll be nice and sharp, not like one ripped off their web site.

Powered by the good folks at goodstorm

When We Roll, We Roll Big – Agency.com + Subway + YouTube

werollbigNever has a t-shirt been created so quickly for such a niche audience, if you’re in an agency, and especially agency.com you need this shirt.

See the video that inspired the shirt, agency.com pitching subway via youtube

they even have outtakes posted.

Hat Tip – Logic & Emotion

Save a Virgin

Wow, phew, I’ve seen a few suggestive T-Shirts in my day, but the combination of the context and the message is just mind blowing.

Super Awesome Bar Tender (San Francisco)

Super Awesome Bar Tender
Originally uploaded by karllong.

Ok, so the whole Italia thing is obviously a popular T-shirt after the world cup, but the reason for this photo is to honor a super awesome bar tender in San Francisco who gave me and my friend Paul a tonne of local information about where the cool places are to hang out, and i’m going to share that here :-) (i’m transcribing here notes on a guest check so I might have misinterpreted some stuff)

Area: Cow Hollow/Mamna
1. Mauna Loa (also has a fooseball table)*
2. City Tavern*
3. Kellys
4. Eastside West
*Fillmore @ Greenwich & Union

Lower Polk
1. R Bar*
2. Element
3. Holy Grail
4. Lava Lounge
5. Hemlock*
*Polk & Sutter/Post/Geary

North Beach
1. Giordano Bros (super cool sort of bar/diner, great sandwiches and amazing staff)
2. Columbus Cafe
3. Tony Niks
4. Tosca
5. Romolo
Streets columbus/Broadway
Green/St Ocilton

San Francisco Tour Guide 1

San Francisco Tour Guide 2



Clerks 2 T-Shirt and R rated trailer, enjoy


You know you want it :-) I’m really looking forward to this film, i loved the first one. Kevin Smith is a fucking genius:

Shaolinen launches HTML site for Non-Ninja’s

Shaolinen Lonewolf

This is the Shaolinen Lone Wolf t-shirt, and I’m posting again about these guys because I dinged them last time for there beautiful but hard to navigate flash site. Well in a matter of weeks they turned around a really good looking html site, not only that, they put their stuff on sale. So go check them out :-)

Kung Fu Girl

KungfugirlKung Fu Girl at goodstorm.com, not only a sweet design, but did you know goodstorm gives most of the profits to the artist? Seriously, if you want to create your own t-shirt store (and from the amount of emails I’m getting it seems like a lot of people are) then why wouldn’t you check them out. I created my own t-shirt that sucked there in no time at all, and they’ve got loads of options from budget T’s to heavyweight, and fitted t’s.



Gapingvoid T-shirts

Gapingvoid is a hugely popular blog written by Hugh Macleod, who’s quirky cartoons on business cards are vaguely reminiscent of Gary Larsons the “far side”. Lots of geeky in jokes to be had here, and it certainly fall into Zefranks definition of cool. You can find all his shirts here.