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HAHA press – Nice St Patricks Day T-Shirt designs

I’m not sure if I’ve seen these guys before, but i’m super impressed with their site and how they differentiate their T-Shirts from a lot of other companies. HAHA only creates 200 of each design they create which is nice, it means you get a more unique shirt and they don’t saturate the market. Their designs are really well executed and would look good dressed up or down.

I love this typographic treatment of the classic ‘kiss me i’m Irish’ T-shirt:

Gearcrave – The Buyers Guide For Men profiles Tcritic

The good folks at Gearcrave did an email interview with me about Tcritic, go over and check it out if you are interested in the origins of Tcritic, advice on blogging, and gadgets I can’t live without :-)

Tcritic redesign

Well out with the old and in with the new, i’ve just done a pretty significant overhaul of the Tcritic look and feel. My main purpose and motivation to do this was to find a look and feel that put the graphics front and center and this design is really about the home page where thumbnails from recent posts are put in a grid so you can scan the images from the posts. I was very much inspired by the guys from Rumplo who’s entire front page is just graphics of the t-shirts and i thought that worked great. I also really liked the Cool Hunting layout, and the way they use thumbnails for related posts (which i’m working on). Also this provides a very cool view of the archives, check out the Good Design archive for an idea of how they will look.

Tcritic Redesign sm

Love to get your feedback, i’ve already taken the top banner off the home page because some people thought it looked cluttered, cheers, Karl.

I Just Blue Myself T-Shirt – from Threadpit

I Just Blew Myself

Come on, you old blow hard. When life serves you a chubby, you sometimes need to just suck it up.

Of course the I Just Blue Myself T-shirt refers to the brilliant David Cross playing Dr Tobias Funke on arrested development. Thankfully it’s still running in syndication on the G4 network, and I have my precious DVD’s.

If you haven’t heard David Cross’s stand up you should check out his CD’s both “shut up you fucking baby” and “it’s not funny” are brilliant.

Clinton Pictured With George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People T-Shirt

George Bush Doesn't Care ab

Oh snap, Greg Veen pictured with Clinton wearing a “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” from the talented and ballsy Mule Design. Funnily enough I met some guys from Mule Design at Zeitgeist a couple of weeks ago with Jeffery Veen, and I think Gregg as well. Had a good chat with them about t-shirts and the like, they even told me about a secret t-shirt that is so controversial that it will never see the light of day :-) I wish I was blogging about that one…

Huge hat tip to Kottke you continue to rule

Check out this story on Tdigger – Digg for t-shirts

Original 1985 Live Aid T-Shirts On Auction To Benefit Aids Relief In Africa

Live aid

Wow, genuine Live Aid T-shirt from 1985 up for auction, and 75% of the sale price going to Africa Aid. Talk about a long tail of charitable works :-) There are about 20 shirts on offer being sold by Defunkd_vintage

Live aid Letter

You can of course go and buy a American Apparel T-shirt directly from Africa Aid for $20 and feed a refugee child for a year:
Box Tshirt

New Patagonia Organic Cotton T-Shirts


Patagonia is one of my favorite companies in the world, seriously, they totally rock, amazing quality, great attitude, great service. I’ve bought a fair amount of outdoor gear from them for snowboarding and hiking and it’s always super well made stuff. Anyway, now their doing a line of organic cotton T-Shirts.

Our T-shirts are made with 100% organic cotton and are garment-washed for softness. They’re built to last with taped shoulder seams and double-stitched sleeves and hem. Our surf tees (shown above) have a slim fit and feature the artwork of Geoff McFetridge. All Patagonia organic T-shirts are recyclable through our Common Threads Recycling Program sends us yours when it’s no longer wearable.

Misspelled NIT Basketball Title T-Shirt

West Virgina

Misspelled NIT Basketball Title T-Shirt – West Virgina :-) I wonder what T-shirt company made those shirts? I bet they’ll be collectors items :-)

New Guidlines On Getting Reviewed

Also, i’ve updated my guidelines for sending me links and pictures of t-shirts to review:

Here’s my guidelines for getting posted:

  1. I like pictures of people wearing shirts, or pictures of real shirts, i’m not keen on faux shirts, ie. photoshopped t-shirt templates and will only post those if they are extraordinary
  2. Tell me a little about the t-shirt designs, printing process or your company that is cool, different, remarkable
  3. I get a lot of email, if I haven’t posted after a week it’s probably buried in my gmail never to be found again, it’s nothing personal, I only post about 5% of stuff i’m sent, send me new designs and stay in touch, I read all my email
  4. stay in touch with me on twitter @karllong

Duddleville T-Shirt – Designer Sune Ehlers From Pestol Clothing

Sune Ehlers Pestol

Duddleville is a pretty extraordinary design by Sune Ehlers, comes in a very striking purple as well. Pestol clothing seems to get some pretty cool artwork and designers, good stuff.

Tommy Johnson T-Shirt for a Good Cause

Tommy Johnson

Tommy Johnson was an influential delta blues singer who lived between 1896 and 1956. Anyway, as with many blues legends his influence was not really appreciated until many years later. The story is that the road to his grave site has disappeared over the years so there is no way to get to his grave to place the headstone or to allow visitors/pilgrims easy access. Anyway, the foundation is selling t-shirts to try and raise money to get the headstone placed and the road reclaimed. Anyway, they don’t have online ordering or anything but if you go to the foundation page and email or call their phone number tell them you want a shirt i’m sure they’ll sort it out.

So it’s a bit of a family affair here, my sister (a talented artist) posing in the picture, and here’s a video of my Dad playing one of Tommy’s songs “Maggie Campbell”

Link for feedreaders

and here’s the gory details from the press release.


Three years after The Mount Zion Memorial Fund and the family of Tommy Johnson unveiled a headstone memorial in Crystal Springs, in 2001, the 600 lb., beautifully engraved, granite slab still sits in the Crystal Springs Library, miles from the cemetery where Johnson is buried.

The Copiah County Board of Supervisors, charged by law with maintaining the Warm Springs Methodist Cemetery because of its official historic status, has denied all access to the cemetery where dozens of African American gravesites are located, by refusing to reclaim a road which was “given” to a local farmer under dubious legal circumstances.

For the last three years the Mount Zion Memorial Fund has worked with Vera Johnson Collins, Tommy Johnsons niece, through a series of legal roadblocks and delays and the State of Mississippi, fully aware of the situation, has done absolutely nothing.

The “Year of the Blues” has come and gone, and the Tommy Johnson Memorial, paid for by Ms. Bonnie Raitt, has remained on display at the Public Library, in mute testimony to the true history of Mississippis racial nullification, failure and neglect.

The Mount Zion Memorial Fund and the family of Tommy Johnson is asking that any and all groups or individuals who would like to support the effort to place Tommy Johnsons headstone on his grave and to re-open this historic cemetery please write Governor Haley Barbour at P.O. Box 139 Jackson, MS 39205

And demand that the State of Mississippi intervene immediately to correct this moral wrong and to finally do something honorable to get right with the Blues.

Skip Henderson Butch Ruth

For more information please contact:
Skip Henderson, P.O. Box 3872, New Orleans, La. 70177 or email: mysterycity [at] earthlink.net
or Butch Ruth at: butch7480 [at] yahoo.com

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninite T-Shirt from Raplica.com


Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninite T-Shirt is of course inspired by the storm in a teacup that has been created in Boston due to some severe overreactions by the powers at be. Essentially a marketing company put up some battery operated “lite brites” on various landmarks (in several cities), LED graffiti if you like as a marketing campaign for the new Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. Well these were up for several weeks, until finally someone in the MTA noticed them and called in a bomb threat. Chaos ensues. Two words folks, Adult Swim.

Related: Brilliant segment from ABC news
The story in the bostonist

Basically, get serious Boston, lighten the fuck up :-)

Freedom Call from threadless

Threadless Freedom Call

Freedom Call is a beautiful new design from threadless, reminds me of the T that made me fall in love with threadless in the first place and that was flowers in the attic (request a reorder if you click through, i’d love to see this reprinted).

The Naughty List – via flickr

The Naughty List
Originally uploaded by SweetSoulSista’.

Well Merry Christmas everybody, I’m back in the UK where it’s foggy and cold, but the fire is warm, the food is good and the beer flows like wine.



BTW the T says “join me on the naughty list” :-)

Pre-Order “dick in a box” t-shirt from bustedtees

A t-shirt is already available for pre-order from bustedtees based on that hysterical saturday night live skit “dick in a box” (this is the uncensored version)

link for feedreaders


(this is an affiliate link so tcritic might make a buck)

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