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Gnarle T-Shirts and Amazing Shark Tattoo

Well Gnarlé just started following me on twitter so I went to check out their site and the first thing I came across was this shark tattoo someone had got on the stump of their arm, not sure if this was post shark attack but what an amazing tattoo. Oh, they have some t-shirts as well :)

New Crowdsourced Twitter T-Shirts from Threadless

Threadless is now bringing their community voting and t-shirt design chops to T-Shirts with it’s new Twitter.Threadless.com section on the site. All you do is go to the site, login (thankfully using OAuth) and you can submit your favorite tweets which then get voted on by the community, winning tweets then get a design treatment from the in-house creative team and you win $500, or if you are submiting someone else’s tweet you get $140 :) Very clever. Threadles has also created it’s own tiny url tool so you can link to your submissions, here’s one of mine http://thrdl.es/~/ac.

Celebrate Ada Lovelace Day with Love Virus

Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology so I thought i’d highlight a new company specializing in T-Shirts for women, Love Virus.

It’s early days and they’ve only got a few designs but I like the direction they’re going.

Oh and they include a free hand sewn plushy with each order :)

Oh and they have a blog as well you can check out here.

Great New T-Shirts from Fullbleed

(click on the image for higher rez version)

Fullbleed consistently produces such imaginative and well executed designs, they are certainly in my list of favorite T-Shirt companies. If you like Fullbleed you will probably also like the style from the British design company Airside.

Not Today Fatty

(click on the t-shirt for the ruder version)

This was sent to me by my very good friend Amanda, author of the wonderfully cynical Amanda is Annoyed, and who surfs the web professionally. It’s from a site called Not Today Fatty and no, it’s not really an elmo t-shirt it’s really a penis, click on the image if your imagination fails you. BTW I do actually want to find this T-Shirt to purchase as I think it would be a great halloween costume. Maybe you could team up with someone wearing this one:

Ffee Clothing Thanksgiving T-Shirt Sale Free Shipping

Ffee Clothing out of Florida has dropped a couple of new designs, and as a thanksgiving offer they are providing free shipping on all orders through December 1st, including international shipping (which is pretty f’ing good, that saves $11).

I tooled around on their blog at ffee.wordpress.com a little bit and found some great pictures of their work space and some of the artwork that the T-Shirts are based on. Sure looks like a fun place to work :-) keep up the great work guys.

Karl Long T-Shirts Unboxing by Tshirtblog.nl

Well looks like the owner of the Dutch T-Shirt blog Tshirtblog.nl has done a review and unboxing of one of my T-shirts and I think he was particularly impressed with the free gift :-) One of my partners Paul insisted we put something goofy in every package we sent out and currently that is candy cigarettes, I had no idea they were called Stalion candy though, sounds rather like an erectile dysfunction product as opposed to candy cigarettes :-)

here are some of the tweet comments i’ve got as well :-)

I’m on twitter.com/karllong

The Gangs Of San Francisco – New T-Shirt Company

Just met these guys from The Gangs Of San Francisco at the Capsule Design Festival at Hayes Valley Park and they have now got their website up so you can buy them online.

All the shirts are printed with water based inks and are super soft, and as is becoming standard they are printed on American Apparel. The T-Shirt designs are all San Francisco themed and each has a nice story behind it. Unfortunately I can’t link to the specific designs as they have built the shop in a flash based pop up window

Greater San Francisco Speedway

Richmond Brawlers

Ohlone Chiefs

Awesome Glow in the Dark T-Shirts for Halloween

Great design from Design By Humans

An this is adorable, and I don’t use that term lightly. (Thanks shirts-on-sale)

Also check out Spreadshirt who have a huge amount of T-shirts to use as costumes, very useful for people like me who is always unprepared for costumes

Amazing New Star Wars Hoodies and T-Shirts from Marc Ecko

Like I needed an excuse, but this weekend I went to see the One Man Star Wars show at the Post St Theater in San Francisco, which was amazing, check out this video for a taste.

Here’s a pic with me and some stormtroopers with one of my favorite t-shirts on :-)

Anyway, as luck would have it I just got an email from the Marc Ecko folks and they’ve got some amazing new hoodies and t-shirts that I needed an excuse to talk about :-)

Totally in love with this Yoda hoodie

Star Wars Election ’08

When I first saw these Star Wars Election ’08 T-shirts on Zazzle I wondered who was going to get their ass sued off by Lucas Film, until I noticed that the store was an official Lucas Film store, and there are others like this Clone Wars store, and this classic Star Wars store. So it would seem over the last few months come pretty big companies have woken up to the wonder of print on demand like my recent story on CNN printing headlines on shirts (which was Spreadshirt BTW).

It seems that Zazzle that I used to put in the same category as Cafe Press is demonstrating quite a distinct strategy aiming for big deals like merchandise for Myspace, Lucas Film and Disney as opposed to catering exclusively to mom and pops. Probably a very smart move from a business standpoint especially when you think about the marketing reach of really big properties.

Related: A “The USA Today” article on Zazzle’s deals with Lucas Film

and a previous favorite the The Top Ten Star Wars T-Shirts

Great New T-Shirts and Site From Take Off Clothing


Great shirts from a new Australian company called Take Off Clothing, which I think is right up there when it comes to names for clothing companies. I like their simple, clean designs, and nice prints. The designs tend to be bold and iconic, using simple color combinations that work.


One of my favorite things about Take Off Clothing though is their web site, each time you look at a design, the entire screen background is replaced with a detailed view of that shirt. This is a superb approach and puts the design front and center. I find way too many T-shirt shops use tiny images of their T-Shirts so you have know real idea of the print quality or what the fabric is like. Big kudos to these chaps for this design, seriously, well done. Oh, my only complaint is you can’t link to the individual T-shirts, but hey, no one is perfect :-)

Screenshot Crop
(click on the image for full size picture of the screen shot)


Rumplo Nominated For Business Week’s Best Of The Web

Yummy from 410BC

The amazing t-shirt directory Rumplo has been nominated for the Best Of The Web by Bussiness Week, going up against such sites as Google, Netflix, and Flickr, so stiff competition, and against all odds they are currently in 3rd place as the voting stands. So I implore you, run, don’t walk, the the Business Week voting booth and vote for Rumplo as a site you love :-)

Lets rewrite this tee shirts history

New T-Shirts from Le Sucre Clothing

Love these new designs from Le Sucre Clothing, the “Hello Every Body out There Tonight” makes me smile (great for DJ’s and people who don’t want any attention :-)

Ls Anywhere

Ls Duppe

Ls Face

Ls Hello

Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming – Transformers T-Shirt From Michael Bay

giant fucking robots front

The Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming t-shirt is based on the t-shirt that Michael Bay wore during the shooting of the upcoming Transformers movie. Personally I think that phrase bodes very well for the movie, sounds like Michael Bay has a very clear vision of what this movie is about… GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS :-) Yeah Boy, how’s that for a slice of fried gold!

michael bay

It’s worth noting that the proceeds from these t-shirt sales will be going to a yet to be named charity, so go ahead, it’s for a good cause.

Alex from firstshowing.net sent me this tip, and let me just say Alex, you Rawk!

giant fucking robots