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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninite T-Shirt from Raplica.com


Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninite T-Shirt is of course inspired by the storm in a teacup that has been created in Boston due to some severe overreactions by the powers at be. Essentially a marketing company put up some battery operated “lite brites” on various landmarks (in several cities), LED graffiti if you like as a marketing campaign for the new Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. Well these were up for several weeks, until finally someone in the MTA noticed them and called in a bomb threat. Chaos ensues. Two words folks, Adult Swim.

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Basically, get serious Boston, lighten the fuck up :-)

hiroshima T-Shirt

hiroshima T-Shirt
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This is a freaking sweet T-Shirt that my friend Scott had worn to to work. It’s a T-Shirt to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Bombing of Hiroshima, the cool thing is he bought it in Hiroshima. It’s a great design and has some really nice details on it which is why I got him to pose in it. Notice the cool Shinobi game we have in the office :-) You can play it online here if you want to reminisce about Ninja games. Anyway, this gets filed in the Best T-Shirt Ever category along with the other best T-shirts Ever :-)

hiroshima T-Shirt

hiroshima T-Shirt

(all pictures taken on a Nokia N80 :-)

It’s T-Shirt News To Me

Thanks to everyone who emails me, I love it but I can’t keep up so here’s the latest few:

Full Bleed is having a sale

Junk Funk is a new T-Shirt Company

People Like Us Collective (out of Australia but cool shit)

Tees My Body, cool shirts for $13 buckeroos

HughTees is a product of divorce

fbpbbp is Canadian so they like the queen and are 100% halal

InnerTee is doing a mix and match thing which is super cool

Corporate Hack T’s for all you folks working on TPS reports

And that’s news to me!

Student Components from Teetonic.com

Tee0021 md

Anyone who put model airplanes together when they were younger will appreciate this. Everything you need to put together a student.

Drinking, shagging, studying, drinking, shagging, drinking, more drinking, sleeping, shagging, drinking, sleeping, shagging, drinking, studying, drinking, sleeping, drinking, shagging, drinking, shagging, more drinking, shagging, sleeping, studying.

Cursers That Kill – From Mac Merc

cursers that killCursers That Kill is a…. killer shirt that’s for sure. It was put together by the folks at macmerc.com, a pretty well read Mac focused blog, so check it out.

Blog This – By CrackSmokingShirts

Blog This
Blog This from CrackSmokingShirts.com

Another t-shirt site with the requesite anchorman quotes etc. but they did have this gem which I have to send to my blogging friends :-)


Heavenly Devily from Invidualitees


Another nice design from Individualitees.com (I wrote about them once before about Sex On a Stick which was smoking hot :-) They really have got some great designs, and considering the company was started by two guys in two different countries via email, it looks a damn site better than most, and with a lot more original designs. As usual my only complaint is i there are no permalinks/deep-links for any of the designs, which is frustrating if your trying to link to favorites.

BTW I love their line of Sexualitees:

Keep up the good work guys and thanks for the nice note :-)


Hunter S. Thompson – When the Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro

Hunter Montage

The mullet is extra :-) Anyway, these crazy French Spanish guys at Le Filtre Demonde have some very cool, relatively high-brow t-shirts. Put it this way, if you think “i’m with stupid” is the height of t-shirt comedy, you’re going to hate these :-)


Teetonic Sending Me A Shirt

Well teetonic.com contacted me yesterday and offered me a free T-Shirt, well what can I say, i’m a t-shirt whore and totally swayed by schwag, these guys are the total shiznit :-)

I actually really like this one, as someone who has grown up in what is increasingly a consumer culture, I often wonder how else we make meaning in our lives. That’s why i like blogging, it’s not consumption, it’s creative, and subversive. The revolution will not be televised it will be blogged.

Anyway, go buy there stuff, it will fill that little t-shirt sized void inside of you.


Bling Kong

An English store, so remember that’s pounds their talking about. They’ve got some great shirts though, check out the rest of the store.



He Loves The Cock

Can anyone tell me where I can buy this T-Shirt :-)

Ten Speed T-Shirt from TeaAndCrumpets.org

Nice shirt for your bike adventures. In addition to a lot of cool shirts TeaAndCrumpets.org are also really taking advantage of the blogosphere to market their T’s. This photo was blogged from their flickr.com photostream.