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Couple of Sweet Obama T-Shirts

Via Boing Boing Editor, Xeni Jardin’s Flickr account

T-shirt design spotted by glen e friedman, not unlike other designs we’ve seen around the USA in advance of Obama’s inauguration

Love this Scarface inspired design from Eface, they call it the Nu Face line :-) Met these guys at Chillin Productions and saw the line in person, very cool stuff.

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Steve Jobs Lives T-Shirt

Wear this shirt to spite all the fuckers who were shorting Apple’s stock on Steve Jobs health concerns. All I need now is a Fake Steve Jobs Lives shirt and I’ll be all set :) As my Mad Fin friend said “it should come in a turtle neck”.

Last Day for best selling Gameboy T-Shirt from W00t!

Midnight tonight on the 29th of December is the last chance to get the best selling Gameboy “push my buttons” shirt from T-Shirt W00t!

Karl Long T-Shirts Unboxing by Tshirtblog.nl

Well looks like the owner of the Dutch T-Shirt blog Tshirtblog.nl has done a review and unboxing of one of my T-shirts and I think he was particularly impressed with the free gift :-) One of my partners Paul insisted we put something goofy in every package we sent out and currently that is candy cigarettes, I had no idea they were called Stalion candy though, sounds rather like an erectile dysfunction product as opposed to candy cigarettes :-)

here are some of the tweet comments i’ve got as well :-)

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The Prez Dispenser Obama T-Shirt first in Tcritic’s Artist Series

So this is a first for me as I’m actually writing about a shirt that I have produced and I hope you will indulge this bit of self promotion. The shirt is called the Prez Dispenser is based on a linocut print that was created by local artist Eric Rewitzer who runs 3 Fish Studios where you can buy original prints. I met Eric at the Renegade Art fair in San Francisco and immediately suggested that his design would make a great shirt. A couple of drinks, dinner and visit to the studio and the deal was done. I’m super excited about this and I hope you like the shirt, it’s printed on American Apparel and hand screen printed in the good old US of A, and every package comes with a free gift :-)

The motivation behind doing my own line of shirts stems from the same motivation for writing this blog, to find and promote cool designs that are maybe a bit under the radar. That’s why the one of my lines is going to be called the Artist Series which will be based upon original licensed art and design from indie artists. The artist gets a cut of every sale for as long as we are printing the shirt.

Thanks for listening and I hope you like the shirt, and yes, feedback is appreciated and encouraged.

Here are some pictures from Eric’s studio as he created the linocut print:

From the interwebz:
Laughing Squid
BTW I was scooped on my own design by Scott Beale of Laughing Squid who I ran into at the Seesmic anniversary and Tech Crunch party, who posted a wonderful write up about the Prez Dispenser on his blog this morning.

last night at the Seesmic First Anniversary /TechCrunch50 Closing Party I ran into Karl Long who runs the excellent t-shirt blog Tcritic and he was wearing his awesome new “The Prez Dispenser” t-shirt designed by Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios.

Hide Your Arms

Karl from Tcritic has gone and started his own line, called the Tcritic artist series, which, much like Tcritic itself, aims to “find and promote cool designs that are maybe a bit under the radar.” I like the concept behind it, it really does follow on from what Karl does on a daily basis…

Peanut Butter Motherf*cker – I want this T-Shirt

I don’t know where to buy this T-Shirt but I love it, I especially love the picture of the kid wearing it, so awesome. I’ll give a $25 Threadless Gift Certificate to the first that links in the comments to where you can buy the original version of this shirt.

Looks like the original (or at least the one pictured) is from defectivewear.com

Cory also suggested this one in the comments.

Which came first though?

UPDATE: ok, looks like the Destroy All Monsters version is the original, created in 2007 as opposed to Defectivewear which is dated 2008, Cory wins :-)

Unicorn Vs Yeti T-Shirt

unicorn vs yeti

Unicorn Vs Yeti is a wonderful depiction that could have spawned from some bizzaro show on the Discovery Channel. I think the Yeti wins, but hey, it’s a circle of life thing.

Other Coverage Uncrate and Rumplo via the Mad Finn

Evolution New T-Shirt from Glenz

Evolution Image

Love this new shirt from GlenzTees, really fun stuff.

Swinger T-Shirt by Three Delight


This Swinger design is so much fun, by designer Three Delight. Of course a play on words from the classic Singer sewing machine (my Mum had a Singer when i was growing up), the design juxtaposes the wholesomeness of the sewing machine with the edginess of the Swinger, brilliant.

I think the guys at Threadbanger (the extreme craft and clothing DIY show) need this shirt :-) I met them the other day at the Renegade Craft fair and it seems that a Sewing Machine company called Janome has stepped up to sponsor their show, which is a g

Found via the good folks at Rumplo

Cute T-Shirts For Valentines Day

ThinkGeek T-Shirts will make you cool!

These are t-shirts that you buy as a pair and the closer you get to the other person wearing the T-shirt the more hearts light up on the T-Shirt. Sure they are Zelda hearts for nerds that know but hey, get these in a his and hers and your non-nerd partner never need know :-)

8 bit Dynamic Life Beforean

During your normal activities two and a half pixelated hearts will light up on your shirt. Hey… you’re depressed and in need of a recharge. But get within hugging distance of your significant other wearing the matching shirt and suddenly the hearts on both of your shirts start to light up until you’re fully powered up. Go too far astray from the source of your affections and you’ll drop back down to two and a half hearts again. Got it?

Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – From Salt Water Monkey (Dutch Threadless)

wolf in sheeps clothing

Well a Belgium T-shirt yesterday and today one from the Netherlands, the company is called Salt Water Monkey and the t-shirt is called Sheep Impostor. Interestingly this is another Threadless like service where people upload designs and the community votes on them. Seems like if you want to be a designer for this site right now you had better know how to speak Dutch.

Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming – Transformers T-Shirt From Michael Bay

giant fucking robots front

The Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming t-shirt is based on the t-shirt that Michael Bay wore during the shooting of the upcoming Transformers movie. Personally I think that phrase bodes very well for the movie, sounds like Michael Bay has a very clear vision of what this movie is about… GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS :-) Yeah Boy, how’s that for a slice of fried gold!

michael bay

It’s worth noting that the proceeds from these t-shirt sales will be going to a yet to be named charity, so go ahead, it’s for a good cause.

Alex from firstshowing.net sent me this tip, and let me just say Alex, you Rawk!

giant fucking robots

The Evolution of the T-shirt from Gelf Magazine

If you only do one thing today go and read this article on the history of the T-shirt from Gelf Magazine.

Whether you choose to admit it or not, chances are a critical reserve of self-esteem rests somewhere near the middle of your T-shirt drawer. For within this darkened, hidden quarter lies dormant a secret weapon so witty, so elusively allusive, or just so damn hip it finds itself swathing your chest on only the most important occasions.

t-shirt timeline

some of my favs are:

esoteric reference

intellectually lazy


Choose Wisely!

Here’s another quote from the article from George Carlin’s “Coolest T-shirt Trap” in his 1997 volume of random musings, Brain Droppings:

There are times when you take 15 minutes to pick out which shirt to wear, because you’re going to a place where they’ll be a bunch of guys you’ve never met…and you think, ‘No one has ever seen a shirt like this. This will make them jealous’…then when you get there, no one cares at all. And all of the other guys turn out to be dorks who will wear any piece of shit that’s handed to them. Like ‘Property of Alcatraz’ and ‘Life is Beach.’ What a letdown.

via Kottke

Announcing Digg For Tshirts – tcritic.com/tdigger

Well it looks like the cats out of the bag, I did a bit of a stealth launch over the last week, but I’d like to announce Digg for T-Shirts is here tcritic.com/tdigger :-)

Also feel free to digg this story about digg for t-shirts at digg

There are plenty of t-shirts in there to explore and people are adding more every day so check it out, sign up and add and vote for shirts, and feel free to give feedback, i’d love to hear the good and the bad, it’s only been up since sunday and is already getting 500 unique visitors a day!

Couple of important little features here, i’ve actually got a way to share ad revenue with users using google adsense, so if you become a top contributer you can actually share in the ad revenue. When you sign up for an account that lets you add t-shirts your profile has a field in it for your google adsense id and any time t-shirts you have added are viewed you get the ad revenue. Another feature for you bloggers out there is I can set you up with an automatic submission to tdigger using an rss import, basically it will check your rss every day and add any new t-shirts or stories to tdigger, I can also associate those posts with your ID so you can also take advantage of the ad share.

Also I’ve added a little widget to the sidebar that links to the latest published t-shirts.

T-shirt Island is already talking about it :-)

and Fimoculous.com

and smidigt.se

Clinton Pictured With George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People T-Shirt

George Bush Doesn't Care ab

Oh snap, Greg Veen pictured with Clinton wearing a “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” from the talented and ballsy Mule Design. Funnily enough I met some guys from Mule Design at Zeitgeist a couple of weeks ago with Jeffery Veen, and I think Gregg as well. Had a good chat with them about t-shirts and the like, they even told me about a secret t-shirt that is so controversial that it will never see the light of day :-) I wish I was blogging about that one…

Huge hat tip to Kottke you continue to rule

Check out this story on Tdigger – Digg for t-shirts