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Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – From Salt Water Monkey (Dutch Threadless)

wolf in sheeps clothing

Well a Belgium T-shirt yesterday and today one from the Netherlands, the company is called Salt Water Monkey and the t-shirt is called Sheep Impostor. Interestingly this is another Threadless like service where people upload designs and the community votes on them. Seems like if you want to be a designer for this site right now you had better know how to speak Dutch.

New On T-Shirt War

Some sweet t-shirts have been added to t-shirt war, i really appreciate it, we have almost 200 shirts up there!

Upscale Homeless

From Upscale homeless – Get Right With Elvis… love the girl in this one as well

hermes shoes

Hermes Shoes from masstee (although I can’t find the design?)


A reinterpretation of a classic from Peters Brain Lab

mick jagger T

No it’s not Bruce Lee, it’s Mick Jagger from Burnswell


A whole line dedicated to sending up the sycophantic gap [red] campaign