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Darth Pez – New Tcritic T-Shirt and Bonus for next 14 orders

Darth Pez is a new shirt in my line based on a linocut from our artist friend Eric Rewitzer. It’s hand screened on an American Apparel silver t-shirt and it’s currently on sale for $18. As a bonus I’m giving away a $25 Threadless gift certificate for the next 14 orders of any of my shirts, how’s that for a great deal :-)

A New Hope – Star Wars Hair Portrait T-Shirt from Mr Bingo

What can I say, I love these hair portraits, brilliant!

A New Hope – Obama/Star Wars Spoof Now Available as a T-Shirt

I wrote about A New Hope the poster from Ironic Sans a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that it was not a T-Shirt yet due to fears of Lucas Film retribution, well I’m happy to tell you that they are now being sold through Zazzle and with Lucus Film blessing :-)

Amazing New Star Wars Hoodies and T-Shirts from Marc Ecko

Like I needed an excuse, but this weekend I went to see the One Man Star Wars show at the Post St Theater in San Francisco, which was amazing, check out this video for a taste.

Here’s a pic with me and some stormtroopers with one of my favorite t-shirts on :-)

Anyway, as luck would have it I just got an email from the Marc Ecko folks and they’ve got some amazing new hoodies and t-shirts that I needed an excuse to talk about :-)

Totally in love with this Yoda hoodie

The Raw Feed T-Shirt News Roundup and Tcritic Update

Hey all, so I’m trying a bit of an experiment and would appreciate your feedback. I’ve decided to try and do a summary post every week that just covers really briefly the various news that i’m being sent, a little more unfiltered, and uneditorialized, that way I stay on top of stuff and people don’t feel they are emailing a black hole. So here’s my first attempt at a summary post, please let me know what you think.

No Star Clothing


..announcing 12 new t-shirt designs.

New Leaf Designs


two week sale ending 10/01 – promo code “enjoy08″

Human Empire Shop


New designs including hoodies, jackets, scarves

E.T. Tees


Free shipping until 9/30 – promo codes – US: OKTOBERSHIPPING08

Diesel Laws

Darth Vader Rocks and Skywalker Beer tee’s etc.



Buffalo T-Shirts


Buffalo, NY – new on-line store – free shipping til 9/21

Postmodern Sideshow



Walkie Talkie




T’s featuring your hometown


new t shirt forum


Axid t-shirts

New collection

Eroteme Clothing


Choose design, color and style


A site where you can submit your art, vote, win big cash prizes and comment on
other designers work.

Yes We Can Around the World


French graphic designer - using print on demand facilities to market his Obma graphic t’s with the message in many languages

T’s being sold on www.spreadshirt.com and www.cafepress.com

Soge Shirts


Your Face Tees 


Just launched

Filthy Fabrics


Filthy logo and other images

brand lux Clothing


New collection of designer street-wear

Wringer Tee


F.A.Z.E. Apparel


start-up “designs of substance and meaning” – no drugs/violence

True Believer Clothing


5 new designs



promoting new t-line

Your Empire Needs You T-Shirt – Star Wars Force Unleashed Release Party

Well I was just riding by Best Buy last night on the way home and noticed they had a Force Unleashed release party going on, as luck would have it I was wearing one of my favorite Star Wars T-shirts and got a great shot with a very realistic Darth Vader. The costumes at this event were absolutely brilliant, this event was a blast and there were loads of kids there. I was really happy that it was mostly classic Star Wars costumes and no sign of Jar Jar Binks :-)

A New Hope Poster – Should Be A T-shirt

ROTFL, sign me up, this looks like hope to me. Brilliant parody from the geniuses behind Ironic Sans, and yes I would buy that T-shirt in a heartbeat. The only reason it is not a T-Shirt right now is the guys behind the design are not sure of what Lucus Films position would be on the use of this image, what do you think? Fair use?

Thanks to Laughing Squid for pointing this one out.

New Mark Ecko Star Wars T-Shirts

Now these are some fancy Star Wars T-shirts, I guess with the original fan base in the late 30′s Lucus Arts figures we can prolly afford some $34 shirts :-) I especially like the addition of features like gold foil.

I think my favs have to be the Princess Leia and the Darth Vader one.

Via Uncrate

This is Not a Pipe T-Shirt – from The Girl and Rhino

I love this Magritte inspired T-Shirt from The Girl and Rhino, I have the actual shirt and it’s a great quality shirt and print. I met these guys at the Filmore Jazz festival and their shirts look great. They got a lot of press a while ago for their AT-AT dreams t-shirt which is also brilliant and gets a smile from anyone in the Bay Area. You can’t drive over the Bay Bridge without someone saying “hey you see those cranes over there on the dock…. ” yes we know :-)

I also love this threadless on which i have mentioned before

This is not a pipe from threadless

Newly reprinted at Threadless, get them while their hot

this is not a pipe
Find out more about the surrealist Magritte at wikipedia

“Clever Girl” Jurrasic Park Fan Film

Vimeo Tribute: Jurassic Park from Casey D on Vimeo

Oh, what’s t-shirt connection? Well funny you should ask but this was filmed at the Bustedtees officeand guest stars a hoodie similar to the fab Seibei hoodie here

Check out the fab Star Wars tribute here as well, also very well done.

Star Wars Election ’08

When I first saw these Star Wars Election ’08 T-shirts on Zazzle I wondered who was going to get their ass sued off by Lucas Film, until I noticed that the store was an official Lucas Film store, and there are others like this Clone Wars store, and this classic Star Wars store. So it would seem over the last few months come pretty big companies have woken up to the wonder of print on demand like my recent story on CNN printing headlines on shirts (which was Spreadshirt BTW).

It seems that Zazzle that I used to put in the same category as Cafe Press is demonstrating quite a distinct strategy aiming for big deals like merchandise for Myspace, Lucas Film and Disney as opposed to catering exclusively to mom and pops. Probably a very smart move from a business standpoint especially when you think about the marketing reach of really big properties.

Related: A “The USA Today” article on Zazzle’s deals with Lucas Film

and a previous favorite the The Top Ten Star Wars T-Shirts

Steampunk R2D2 T-Shirt from Redbubble

Very funny t-shirt from Redbubble, although it seems to have been taken down :-( Here’s the link, it was working this morning. Anyway, I think the idea was fun, i’d love to see more Star Wars Steampunk :-)

Although I don’t think anyone is as big a fan of Steampunk as Merlin Mann (seriously, no one deserves a name that good):

Steampunk DIY from Merlin Mann on Vimeo.

For more of Merlin check out the very funny and very dry podcast You Look Nice Today.

Overheard on Tatooine


How much of a Star Wars nerd do you have to be to love this and want it on a t-shirt? Not just me right? It’s by a guy called Doug Savage and the blog is called Savage Chickens. He does have a t-shirt store, cafe press, and none of the hysterical cartoons on them either.

What do you guys think of Cafe Press, if you’re buying a shirt is it a positive or negative thing? I personally like it when I know something is screen printed, maybe i’m a Luddite.

top ten star wars t-shirts

Your Empire Needs You!
your empire needs you

Probably my fav star wars t-shirt ever, the only problem is I can’t find where to buy it any more, used to be carried by Leapstore in the UK but they stopped carrying it, I’ll pay $50 to $100 for it depending on condition. Originally blogged here and a version from Chunk Design here (not as good a design IMHO although I’m not sure who’s is the first)

Boo Boo Walker from Goapeshirts

A great design from Go Ape Shirts, comes in a T-shirt or a hoodie, and i can confirm the quality is really nice.

Air Wookie – Upper Playground
air wookie from upper playground
There are not enough t-shirts in the world with Wookies on them IMHO so Air Wookie from upper playground fills an important niche.

That’s No Spoon by the imitable Tom Burns
that's no spoon
Tom Burns deserves some serious props for his designs, from the communist party to this, all his stuff just works. That’s No Spoon in particular just works on so many levels.

Metal Vader
Metal Vader

Metal Vader is actually official merchandise from starwars.com designed by Chunk Design

Surfing Stormtrooper
Surfing Stormtrooper
also from starwars.com

I’m The First Of A Clone Army
Jitcrunch 1 01
and one for the kids from squirtshirts

As a bonus on this post here are a couple more designs/ideas that should be Star Wars t-shirts.

First off, Che-Bacca,
chebacca from threadless
this got hundreds of votes on threadless, and the voting ended in December, so where the hell’s the t-shirt?

and of course this version that was posted to a forum 3+ years ago
chebacca original

why the hell isn’t this already a t-shirt? I’m just thinking of ripping it off as a public service as the world is a duller, flatter, less interesting place without this t-shirt (it was posted to boingboing as well so it’s not like people haven’t seen it)

And here’s some inspiration for a t-shirt
clone war vetran

Some honorable Mentions (from the comments)

Han Shot First from Think Geek
han shot first

The Dark Side of the Garden from Threadless
dark side of the garden

Another awesome Che parody, I love these.

At At Crossing and Destroyer Mobile by Bret Chambers
at at crossing

mobile star destroyers

Kooper from Domestic Apparel
The kiss troopers, awesome!

Sand Wars from Threadless – Go vote for it
sand wars

Han’s Solo from Ironic Corporation
han's solo

Darth Pez – by Tcritic

A little shameless self promotion, Darth Pez is a new shirt in my line based on a linocut from our artist friend Eric Rewitzer. It’s hand screened on an American Apparel silver t-shirt and it’s currently on sale for $18.

That’s No Spoon T-Shirt – From LuckyThreadz.com

Thats no Spoon Large

That’s No Spoon, I love this shirt, anyone that reads this blog knows I love Star Wars (the original at least, I hate Jar Jar). This is such a brilliant pun (I think it’s a pun), kind of like the RTFM shirt. Anyway, I’m glad to find out about Lucky Threads, I had not heard of them before and someone just dropped me an email, thanks.

(it’s an affiliate link so tcritic can make a buck, proceeds going toward a t-shirt war redesign)