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On This Day In History Joseph Stalin Died & related T-Shirts

For March 5th, at Tcritic we recall a controversial historical icon in life and death – Joseph Stalin, who died on March 5, 1953. Makes sense that someone as notorious as Stalin would spawn an explosion of t-shirts bearing his image. Interesting to see how a cultural revolution turned into a fashion icon – imagine wearing a t-shirt in the 1960s bearing communist propaganda!

Before we get to the oldies (and goodies), a more recent addition to my collection of communist themed shirts is from Headline Shirts, I Hammer/Sickle the 80s.

I’d rate the next 3 t-shirts my favourite communist t-shirts ever, in order of amazingness. Because of the magnitude of amazingness, i have already blogged about them – consider this a tribute post.

1.) RTMF Mao – wrote about this in 2006 but they are publicizing a reprint soon

2.) The Real Chairman Meaow
Img 438

3.) The Communist Party
(This one is Threadless’ best selling design. Check it out, if you haven’t already seen it).
communist party
The Communist Party By Tom Burns

Any great t-shirts? Please submit your own!