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Happy Birthday Seibei – 26% off sale

David, founder of Seibei is turning 26 on August 18th so to help celebrate his birthday he is taking 26% off your order! Just use coupon code BIRTHDAY through August 21st to get 26% off.

Some of my Seibei favs include:

Super Homosexual
The super homosexual T-shirt

eat cake and smoke ciggarettes
I like to eat cake and smoke ciggarettes

and Seibei’s zombie hunter t-shirt that you can order with variable amounts of gore, genius.
zombie hunter

And of course here’s me and David at the Renegade art fair showing off the rocking Make Me a Sandwich t-shirt

thanks Fantastic Bonanza

Me and Seibie at Renegade Craft Fair

(check out flickr for a few more pics from the show which I haven’t organized yet)

Here’s a quick snap of me and David who is the man behind the awesome Seibei clothing brand with his now famous “Make Me a Sandwich” T-Shirt. David was showing off his stuff at the Renegade Craft fair which was a rocking good time with lots of great indie products and clothing. It’s held in Brooklyn, Chicago and San Francisco so I highly recommend you check it out if it’s in your area.