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The Muni Fail Whale

Screen shot 2009-09-29 at 1.19.37 PM

A lovely idea from local San Francisco blog The N-Judah Chronicles, the Muni Fail Whale, an homage to that icon of unreliability the Twitter Fail Whale.

Some San Francisco T-Shirts from Headline Shirts

This is genius, San Francisco really is cloud city :)

Nuff said if you know about biking in this town, luckily I ride a pretty fugly bike so no one really wants to steal it :)

Ahh, the joys of the 22 bus

The Gangs Of San Francisco – New T-Shirt Company

Just met these guys from The Gangs Of San Francisco at the Capsule Design Festival at Hayes Valley Park and they have now got their website up so you can buy them online.

All the shirts are printed with water based inks and are super soft, and as is becoming standard they are printed on American Apparel. The T-Shirt designs are all San Francisco themed and each has a nice story behind it. Unfortunately I can’t link to the specific designs as they have built the shop in a flash based pop up window

Greater San Francisco Speedway

Richmond Brawlers

Ohlone Chiefs

Homeroom Clothing Site Launches

Track Bike, water based ink, 6oz 100% cotton tee

Homeroom Clothing is a local San Francisco outfit started by Alval, a third generation tailor. He made himself a hoodie when he was in college and when wearing it on Haight St a woman from Complex magazine stopped him and asked him where he got it from, when he said it was his own creation, she asked what his clothing line was called, when he said he didn’t have one, she said he should, and the rest as they say is history. I have a couple of homeroom shirts and the shirts and designs are very well made, and more importantly original. I’ve known about these guys for a while but they didn’t have a full on ecommerce web site, now they do.

All work and no pay, water based ink, 6oz 100% cotton tee

citizen:citizen Curated Pop Up Store In San Francisco

citizen:citizen opened its new traveling pop-up shop ‘mini-market’ at silverman gallery
in San Francisco. The shop features citizen:citizen curated selection of goods, including T-Shirts, jewelry, and all kinds of wonderful stuff designed by local and international designers. Most items are limited editions and the first shop will be closed on august 31st.

The Silverman Gallery is at 804 Sutter Street in Downtown San Francisco.

A bit more about citizen:citizen –

One of the growing elements of CITIZEN:Citizen is that of curatorial and creative direction. We develop culturally significant ideas, projects and events for organizations ranging from global fashion houses to galleries and museums. It’s an natural extension of our interest in offering new ways of seeing.

Elsewhere: Design Boom and PSFK

Chuck Norris Party This Friday At The Milk Bar and Win A Free T-Shirt

Win the Action Jeans high kick competition and get a free limited edition Chuck Norris T-shirt from Home Room Clothing (or just go buy one)

Friday May 30th
Milk Bar
1840 Haight St, San Francisco

Take pictures with Chuck in the Chuck Norris photo booth!
Drink with Chuck!
Throw Up or Down with Chuck!
Celebrate the man that talks in 3rd person on May 30Th as you talk about
yourself in 3rd person too.

As always get there early, after 11 pm your on your own.
p.s. free Pabst and a bunch of swag for you!

Super Awesome Bar Tender (San Francisco)

Super Awesome Bar Tender
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Ok, so the whole Italia thing is obviously a popular T-shirt after the world cup, but the reason for this photo is to honor a super awesome bar tender in San Francisco who gave me and my friend Paul a tonne of local information about where the cool places are to hang out, and i’m going to share that here :-) (i’m transcribing here notes on a guest check so I might have misinterpreted some stuff)

Area: Cow Hollow/Mamna
1. Mauna Loa (also has a fooseball table)*
2. City Tavern*
3. Kellys
4. Eastside West
*Fillmore @ Greenwich & Union

Lower Polk
1. R Bar*
2. Element
3. Holy Grail
4. Lava Lounge
5. Hemlock*
*Polk & Sutter/Post/Geary

North Beach
1. Giordano Bros (super cool sort of bar/diner, great sandwiches and amazing staff)
2. Columbus Cafe
3. Tony Niks
4. Tosca
5. Romolo
Streets columbus/Broadway
Green/St Ocilton

San Francisco Tour Guide 1

San Francisco Tour Guide 2