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New Social Networking T-Shirt – Reallife

Headline shirts, a local SF T-shirt company, have not only come out with some new cool shirts but they’ve also totally revamped their web site as well. Love the Reallife t-shirt and as usual they went to town on the copy :)

Look out, Facebook! A new social networking phenomenon is sweeping the nation. The revolutionary Reallife allows users to “do things” and have actual “human to human contact.”

Much like Facebook, users can add “friends” to their Reallife profile. However, unlike Facebook, “friends” do not include the wheezy kid you vaguely remember from camp, Todd’s roommate who once sold you weed and wants to bone you, or Barack Obama.

Reallife is also different from Facebook in that users will see the real you — not a grossly misleading avatar, a picture of your child/cat, or a uncannily smoldering “candid” shot of you staring away from the camera all mysteriously.

Also, in Reallife, throwing a sheep at someone would be considered rude, and possibly illegal (though not in Nebraska).

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