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The Prez Dispenser Obama T-Shirt first in Tcritic’s Artist Series

So this is a first for me as I’m actually writing about a shirt that I have produced and I hope you will indulge this bit of self promotion. The shirt is called the Prez Dispenser is based on a linocut print that was created by local artist Eric Rewitzer who runs 3 Fish Studios where you can buy original prints. I met Eric at the Renegade Art fair in San Francisco and immediately suggested that his design would make a great shirt. A couple of drinks, dinner and visit to the studio and the deal was done. I’m super excited about this and I hope you like the shirt, it’s printed on American Apparel and hand screen printed in the good old US of A, and every package comes with a free gift :-)

The motivation behind doing my own line of shirts stems from the same motivation for writing this blog, to find and promote cool designs that are maybe a bit under the radar. That’s why the one of my lines is going to be called the Artist Series which will be based upon original licensed art and design from indie artists. The artist gets a cut of every sale for as long as we are printing the shirt.

Thanks for listening and I hope you like the shirt, and yes, feedback is appreciated and encouraged.

Here are some pictures from Eric’s studio as he created the linocut print:

From the interwebz:
Laughing Squid
BTW I was scooped on my own design by Scott Beale of Laughing Squid who I ran into at the Seesmic anniversary and Tech Crunch party, who posted a wonderful write up about the Prez Dispenser on his blog this morning.

last night at the Seesmic First Anniversary /TechCrunch50 Closing Party I ran into Karl Long who runs the excellent t-shirt blog Tcritic and he was wearing his awesome new “The Prez Dispenser” t-shirt designed by Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios.

Hide Your Arms

Karl from Tcritic has gone and started his own line, called the Tcritic artist series, which, much like Tcritic itself, aims to “find and promote cool designs that are maybe a bit under the radar.” I like the concept behind it, it really does follow on from what Karl does on a daily basis…