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Playmouse T-Shirt from Yes No Maybe

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Yes No Maybe is a great streetwear brand out of the UK, makes there stuff a bit expensive for Americans but it’s all good stuff. I really like the Playmouse T-shirt that shows the result of an unnatural union :-)


Playboy T-Shirts by Daft Punk and Iggy Pop

These are some interesting T-Shirts from Playboy that are even cooler as they have been designed by (or for) bands. In this case Daft Punk and Iggy Pop, but they have others like Duran Duran, Mick Rock, Hot Chip etc. They’re $38 but if you like those bands they make an interesting story, unfortunately the Daft Punk one is already on back order, but they’re estimating a 7 day turn around.

Rock The Rabbit by rock band Daft Punk. Specially designed reflecting foil print rabbit heads accent center front with onset embroidered bunny bowtie at upper back.

and the Iggy Pop one is pretty damn cool as well

Rock The Rabbit by rock band Iggy Pop. Specially designed front graphic of Iggy Pop himself sporting the famous bunny ears. Embroidered bunny bowtie at upper back.

Hat tip to Fashion Indie