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Rabbit Shadow Puppets T-Shirt

Who doesn’t have fond memories of shadow puppets growing up? These shadow puppet t-shirts work for me they work on a couple of different levels, apart from the fun childhood game, they also remind me of Plato’s Allegory of the cave. That is as humans life is like living in a cave and all we interpret in life is like projection onto a veil at the entrance to that cave. Do you want to step out of the cave :)

On a T-Shirt related note these are printed through a service called RedBubble which appears to be like cross between cafe press and DeviantArt :) It looks like a vibrant community with lots of comments on the designs etc. I’d be really interested if anyone has had experience with their quality etc. as I don’t have any shirts from them. I’m assuming they’re printed using DTG.

The designs are from Ruby Red Designs and you can check out the rest of their stuff here.