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Sometimes I Buy T-Shirts – Ffee Clothing Package Design

Ffee Clothing Packaging

Hey all, I could not resist buying this T-Shirt from Ffee clothing the other day, and having purchased it for my own personal consumption I had not planned on reviewing it as I have a bunch of samples waiting for my attention. That being said, when I opened the package I was so impressed I had to take some snaps and post about it.

The T-shirt came in a really nice canvas bag, with a rough string tied in a bow, and once you opened the bag you found the T-shirt (obviously), a sticker, moo-card, and water pistol. Sure it doesn’t make the T-Shirt any better (although Ffee stuff is very nice, labeless, soft, an uses water based inks), but it made the experience that much more memorable. Talking about memorable two other companies that stood out when I got their packages were Johnny Cupcakes and Oddica, check them out. Any of you guys have any T-Shirt/clothing companies that stood out through their packaging?

Ffee Clothing Packaging

On a slightly different topic, I’m sorry i’ve been a bit MIA recently but things have been getting crazy busy this month. Just to give you a snippit, ‘m going to be teaching a course at the Academy of Art University in Social Media (so i’m putting the curriculum together), speaking at the Inverge Conference in Portland at the beginning of September (putting a presentation together), trying to get a line of T-shirts printed (talking to designers, artists, licensing, contracts etc.), trying to get a press pass for the Magic Conference in Las Vegas for August 25th to 27th, oh and I have a full time job, oh and how about trying to maintain a social life. Anyway, if you have emailed me, sent me samples, or invited me to your facebook group I may not have responded, so forgive me.