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Couple of Sweet Obama T-Shirts

Via Boing Boing Editor, Xeni Jardin’s Flickr account

T-shirt design spotted by glen e friedman, not unlike other designs we’ve seen around the USA in advance of Obama’s inauguration

Love this Scarface inspired design from Eface, they call it the Nu Face line :-) Met these guys at Chillin Productions and saw the line in person, very cool stuff.

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Yes We Can – New Artist Series from Tcritic

Buy The Shirt here

I wrote about the Yes We Can t-shirt from Laura Cline a week or so ago. Laura was selling the shirt through Etsy (which I love) but was not able to keep up with demand. Anyway, I reached out and suggested that I print the design for her and give her a good cut of the profits, and i’m happy to say she agreed. I love the shirt and have had lots of great feedback wearing it, everyone smiles :)

Super Creative Yes We Can T-Shirt

Update: I’m thrilled to say I’ve licensed this design form Laura and am now selling in the Tcritic store.

Love love love this Yes We Can T-Shirt, lovely Obama/Warhol mashup. The shirt is currently sold out but they are considering another print run so send them a message if you want one, or leave a comment here.

Under New Management Obama Victory T-Shirt- from Print Liberation

Love the Under New Management design, I think Print Liberation probably had this one ready to go :-) I think there are going to be loads of Obama victory T-Shirts and I do not see the Obama T-Shirt trend slowing down, i think you are going to see more and more of these around as the country shows support for this amazing new leader of the free world, srsly.

Thanks T-Shirts Around The Internet for the find

File Under Most Offensive T-Shirt Ever

NOTE: I took the photo down as it appears more than likely to be a photoshop hoax and i’m not interested in circulating that meme.

This was emailed to me with the subject line “Florida biker” so I don’t have much in the way of details of when this was taken, or by whom, but my mind boggles that someone could wear it. I had mixed feelings about even posting it as I find racism abhorrent, but I think it’s valuable to show this kind of thing can exist.

I have bad news for this guy though, Obama is going win and win big, it’s going to be a landslide. I know democrats are afraid another election will be stolen, but that is virtually impossible at this point. Obama has led the biggest get out the vote campaign in history and he is going to be in office with a mandate to get this country on the right track. Below is a photo of the McCain-Palin Victory Center in Santa Rosa Beach on the Florida Panhandle exactly 72 hours before the polls close there, looks pretty quiet :-)

If you are interested in real polling and not the claptrap being talked about on the cable news channels check out fivethirtyeight.com by Nate Silvers. Nate is a baseball statistician who decided to take his quantitative skill set use it to aggregate all the polling data available and adjust for historical bias

So go and vote please and also check out the Top Ten Obama T-shirts and show your support.

Karl Long T-Shirts Unboxing by Tshirtblog.nl

Well looks like the owner of the Dutch T-Shirt blog Tshirtblog.nl has done a review and unboxing of one of my T-shirts and I think he was particularly impressed with the free gift :-) One of my partners Paul insisted we put something goofy in every package we sent out and currently that is candy cigarettes, I had no idea they were called Stalion candy though, sounds rather like an erectile dysfunction product as opposed to candy cigarettes :-)

here are some of the tweet comments i’ve got as well :-)

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T-Shirt a day Obama Advent Calendar from neighborhoodies

neighborhoodies has just put up an Advent calender with a different Obama T-Shirt on sale every day until election day :-) Great idea guys, I found out about this via their twitter feed so check them out at twitter.com/neighborhoodies and me at twitter.com/karllong

Save The Drama 4 Obama – New T-Shirt from Loyal Army

I love, love, love Loyal Army stuff :-) and their Save The Drama 4 Obama is a fantastic design, love the type, the color and the sentiment.

Just added it to the Top Ten Obama Inspired T-Shirts

And as a special promotion, the next 20 people that buy one of my tshirts get a $25 Threadless gift cert :-)

Top 20+ Barack Obama Inspired T-Shirts

Few politicians have inspired such an amazing array of t-shirts as Barack Obama, here i’ve collected a few of my favorite designs and some that are just worth mentioning due to their sentiment, please link to any more you can find in the comments and i will continue to update the post with more designs to become the increasingly inaccurately named Top Ten list of Obama inspired T-shirts :-)

From the Sons Of Liberty Barack Is The Future

neighborhoodies has just put up an Advent calender with a different Obama T-Shirt on sale every day until election day :-)

I love, love, love Loyal Army stuff :-) and their Save The Drama 4 Obama is a fantastic design, love the type, the color and the sentiment.

Obama Forward T-Shirt from 5733

Based on the classic Obey T-Shirt the Obama T-Shirt was featured on CNN

Maria Cornejo’s Change Organic T-shirt Official Obama campaign gear, $60 for a little piece of history

Tory Burch’s Vote Hope Ladies T-shirt, again official gear for $60

Ballin’ With Barack from Akomplice

Note: These items are temporarily unavailable
The poster from Ironic Sans finally available as a T-shirt (looks best on black) now being sold through Zazzle and with Lucus Film blessing :-)

From the Sons of Liberty the Obama License plate T-shirt

I am a french graphic designer, and i am please to announce the launch of the Obama ‘Yes, we can’ around the world – project :

The project: ‘‘Yes, we can’’ around the world is a simple project, using Print On Demand (POD) facilities to spread one universal message.
For hope and for change.

The design: A unique, one of a kind graphic is declined in several languages such as chinese, arabic, korean, spanish, hindi… and many more.
The scratched vintage graphic has been created by Simon Tran of – agentactif – graphic studio based in Paris, France.

The shirts: The ‘‘print on demand’’ principle let the buyers choose between a large selection of trendy quality shirts. American Apparel Bio shirts are available on spreadshirt.com. USA made 100% organic shirts is also available on cafepress.com.

Obama at Design by Humans

UPDATE: just ran into this guy at the Red Bull Soap Box Derby (which was amazing) in Delores Park in SF who was wearing the DBH Obama t-shirt in the wild:

Big Obama Head from Stolen Goodies

Mychange Battalionarmour 3
Battalion armour

Mamma’s for Obama (portion of the proceeds going to the Obama campaign)

Brack the Vote

Obama for the 13th District retro T-shirt

It’s a limited run, though, so for ordering, email info@ludwigvantheman.com.


Home Splash
Nope from Knock Off Clothing

Oh Bumma

and a little shameless self promotion a couple of my own shirts based on lino cut prints from Eric Rewitzer from Three Fish Studios.

Yes We Can

The Prez Dispenser

Oh and if you haven’t checked it out you should take a look at Yes We Carve for some pumpkin carving templates :-)

Drill Palin, Not Alaska from Vintage Vantage

UPDATE: the McCain Obama T-Shirt throwdown, which appears to be a cafepress promotion

Love “Obama Is Money” from Orange Alexander

Gotta love the Dutch, from obamaforpresident.nl via a Dutch T-Shirt blog.

Martin Meets Obama

Someone on Madona’s crew obviously shops Etsy :-) this design is sold out right now, but the artist has loads of other great designs you can check out at their Etsy store.

Blue Wings Obama shirt


Upper Playground

Robust Flavor

Mighty Healthy NYC

Print Liberation

Count Barackula

A More Perfect Union by John Sokol

A portrait of Barack Obama, rendered in the words of his “A More Perfect Union” speech in Philadelphia by artist John Sokol. Sokol, a nationally renowned artist, has been doing word portraits of writers for over 30 years. The Obama portrait is the first politician that Sokol has ever drawn in their own words.

Other Top X Lists of Obama T-Shirts
9 Barack Obama T-Shirts
Top 5 Obama T-Shirts from Troundup

Three New Tcritic T-Shirts – Darth Pez and Obama Yes We Can

I’m thrilled to share with you three more shirts including Darth Pez, Yes We Can, and The Prez Dispenser on a new T-Shirt color, Silver. All the shirts are based on lino cut prints from our local artist friend Eric Rewitzer from Three Fish Studios. I wore the The Prez Dispenser last night in silver to a bar where they were watching the debate and got a lot of laughs. It’s been a great experience so far putting these designs together and I want to thank everyone for their feedback and support so far, it’s been amazing. As I work on putting out more designs I gain more and more respect for all the artists and T-Shirt companies out there doing this because it is not easy for sure :-) I have a load of email to catch up with and a lot of posts to put together so please stay tuned. If you like these designs please consider emailing your friends and joining these facebook groups, The Prez Dispenser facebook page, and the Americans for Elite Presidents group :-)

Tcritic Recession Sale – Obama Prez Dispenser for $18

In many ways I think all T-Shirt bloggers should start up their own line of T-shirts, and not the reason you think, because it is hard f’ing work. I have even more respect for people making their living selling T-shirts now. Now we are working hard on some more designs, but in the meantime we’re putting the Prez Dispenser on sale for $18, so cash in your 401k and head on down to the store :-)

The Great Schlep – Sarah Silverman on Obama

The Great Schlep is Sarah Silverman’s call for all Jews to take a trip down to Florida to persuade their grandparents to vote for Obama. Not only is this hysterically funny, it is an amazing attempt to shore up support in Florida which is of course famous for it’s influence on American politics and Jewish retirees. Check out the Video, and yes she uses naughty words.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

Oh, and yeah of course they have T-shirts :-)

The Raw Feed T-Shirt News Roundup and Tcritic Update

Hey all, so I’m trying a bit of an experiment and would appreciate your feedback. I’ve decided to try and do a summary post every week that just covers really briefly the various news that i’m being sent, a little more unfiltered, and uneditorialized, that way I stay on top of stuff and people don’t feel they are emailing a black hole. So here’s my first attempt at a summary post, please let me know what you think.

No Star Clothing


..announcing 12 new t-shirt designs.

New Leaf Designs


two week sale ending 10/01 – promo code “enjoy08″

Human Empire Shop


New designs including hoodies, jackets, scarves

E.T. Tees


Free shipping until 9/30 – promo codes – US: OKTOBERSHIPPING08

Diesel Laws

Darth Vader Rocks and Skywalker Beer tee’s etc.



Buffalo T-Shirts


Buffalo, NY – new on-line store – free shipping til 9/21

Postmodern Sideshow



Walkie Talkie




T’s featuring your hometown


new t shirt forum


Axid t-shirts

New collection

Eroteme Clothing


Choose design, color and style


A site where you can submit your art, vote, win big cash prizes and comment on
other designers work.

Yes We Can Around the World


French graphic designer - using print on demand facilities to market his Obma graphic t’s with the message in many languages

T’s being sold on www.spreadshirt.com and www.cafepress.com

Soge Shirts


Your Face Tees 


Just launched

Filthy Fabrics


Filthy logo and other images

brand lux Clothing


New collection of designer street-wear

Wringer Tee


F.A.Z.E. Apparel


start-up “designs of substance and meaning” – no drugs/violence

True Believer Clothing


5 new designs



promoting new t-line

The Prez Dispenser Obama T-Shirt first in Tcritic’s Artist Series

So this is a first for me as I’m actually writing about a shirt that I have produced and I hope you will indulge this bit of self promotion. The shirt is called the Prez Dispenser is based on a linocut print that was created by local artist Eric Rewitzer who runs 3 Fish Studios where you can buy original prints. I met Eric at the Renegade Art fair in San Francisco and immediately suggested that his design would make a great shirt. A couple of drinks, dinner and visit to the studio and the deal was done. I’m super excited about this and I hope you like the shirt, it’s printed on American Apparel and hand screen printed in the good old US of A, and every package comes with a free gift :-)

The motivation behind doing my own line of shirts stems from the same motivation for writing this blog, to find and promote cool designs that are maybe a bit under the radar. That’s why the one of my lines is going to be called the Artist Series which will be based upon original licensed art and design from indie artists. The artist gets a cut of every sale for as long as we are printing the shirt.

Thanks for listening and I hope you like the shirt, and yes, feedback is appreciated and encouraged.

Here are some pictures from Eric’s studio as he created the linocut print:

From the interwebz:
Laughing Squid
BTW I was scooped on my own design by Scott Beale of Laughing Squid who I ran into at the Seesmic anniversary and Tech Crunch party, who posted a wonderful write up about the Prez Dispenser on his blog this morning.

last night at the Seesmic First Anniversary /TechCrunch50 Closing Party I ran into Karl Long who runs the excellent t-shirt blog Tcritic and he was wearing his awesome new “The Prez Dispenser” t-shirt designed by Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios.

Hide Your Arms

Karl from Tcritic has gone and started his own line, called the Tcritic artist series, which, much like Tcritic itself, aims to “find and promote cool designs that are maybe a bit under the radar.” I like the concept behind it, it really does follow on from what Karl does on a daily basis…

Yeti-Bama T-Shirt from Gamma-Go

I love this Yeti-Bama T-shirt from another local San Francisco T-Shirt company Gamma-Go. Also $5 of each sale will go to the Obama campaign.