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Say Anything Lloyd Dobler Homage Mustache T-Shirt


This Say Anything homage comes from a company called Fuzzy Ink who has a whole line of mustache inspired t-shirts. Amazingly I wrote about a company last month called Mustache & Friends that also has a line of exclusively mustache inspired T-shirts, WTF? It seems so unlikely, is there a facial hair, and specifically mustache resurgence, is it a throwback to the 70′s? Inquiring minds want to know, and more specifically should I be growing a mustache?

Apparently February is mustache month (so that doesn’t account for it) that fellow Tblogger Joe from Fantastic Blognanza posted about last year.

If you want to know what’s what when it comes to facial hair check out Wire & Twine’s brilliant History of Facial Hair T-shirt:
Wireandtwine 43 01

Wireandtwine 44 01

A T-shirt that is very popular with Bears (and by that I don’t mean godless killing machines but the ones that hang out in SOMA in San Francisco)

Mustache & Friends T-Shirts

Mustache & friends t-shirts is almost as stupid an idea as starting a blog about t-shirts, so stupid it just might work :-) Could these guys become the Johnny Cupcakes of mustache related t-shirts? I think the anchor or Mustache Ahoy is the best executed design of these that i’ve posted of these three.

Musta Ahoy

Musta Batstacio

Musta Librecharc