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Infinite Love by Blend Apparel

Blend Apparel has a wonderful collection of T-Shirts with an incredible collection of positive messages while avoiding being too saccharine. In addition to the positive messages the shirts are made of eco friendly fabrics and even the server is run on wind derived power and the printers run on elastic bands… no i’m kidding about that one. Anyway, check them out, I met the owner at his birthday party at Cafe Gratitude and I can tell you he was a genuinely nice guy, and even though I’d only just met him he invited me out to celebrate with him and his friends and they were all wonderfully warm and welcoming.

They are based in Berkley and here’s what they say about themselves:

Blend Apparel is a culture of connective communication. Our colorful, quirky, and self-aware t-shirts invite internal and external conversation. They are wearable question marks openly aimed at the hows and whys the world works. Our shirts encourage people to smile wider, look closer, and think broader….

We are committed to inspiring. To helping awaken. To showing up as beacons, messengers, and transformationaries. To always choosing the highest path. To listening from within, and to holding love higher than any circumstance. We are completely. Undoubtedly. and absurdly committed to “wear we live.”

Beatnik Aesthetics: Roar T-Shirt or Roar On A Shirt :)

Love the simple but gloriously overdone words on a shirt concept here from Beatnik Aesthetic . Both the Roar T-Shirt and the Love T-Shirt are worthy wardrobe options. It’s always good to have opposing concepts in your T-shirt collection, love one day, Roar the next :)

Go Love You Can Do It T-Shirt – Blood is the New Black

I’m always loving the Blood is the New Black stuff and I particularly like this unusually inspirational one :)

Love Is Lame Valentines Day Special

I own the Love is Lame shirt and I love it and it’s not lame :)

Hipster Scum – New T-Shirt from Love is Lame

Hipster Scum is a great new shirt from the folks at Love is Lame, a fab t-shirt to wear to Zeitgeist :-)

UPDATE: well, it’s hard to describe what hipsters are, maybe this video will help, (and although this was Williamsburg NY hipsters, they seem to be pretty similar to the San Francisco ones) the Hipster Olympics:

Even better guest starring ironic thrift store T-shirts:

love is lame

Just getting ready for valentines :-) Love is lame

love hate tee

Genius t-shirt from MadeInDesign online store. Go spend some Euros, you’ll love me for it…. or maybe you wont :-)

Love Hate Tee from Made In Design Store