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Jonny Cupcakes 20% off sale

20% off with the code “SANTA”, Nuff said.

Although for a successful retailer I find it amazing he uses a splash screen, that just one more obstacle between the customer and his product, oh and then it goes to his blog (which appears to be down), jeeez, take me to the f’ing shop Johnny :-)

Detention Report

What a wonderful picture this detention report creates in your mind, makes me think of Calvin and Hobbes :-) I found this little gem on the Johnny Cupcakes blog, who BTW is a finalist as one of Business Weeks “America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs”.

Make Cupcakes Not War from Johnny Cupcakes

make cupcakes not war

I love Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts and Make Cupcakes Not War is not only a lot of fun, it has a great message too. Everytime I look at his shirts I wonder how long he can sustain the cupcake metaphor, it seems he’s already done it for an impossibly long time, even building brick and mortar stores around it on some pretty expensive real estate on Boston’s Newbury St. I guess the constraint of using cupcakes in all his designs becomes a boundary against which his creativity, or that of his team can thrive. I’ve always heard that the best designs come from the best defined problems, design often thrives inside well defined constraints. Can anyone think of similar t-shirt companies so dedicated to a theme?

Anyway, go vote for this shirt on tdigger :-)

Nice Package

Nice Package
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I just got my Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirt in the mail and let me say, what a nice package. I got a pin, and nice little book of all his designs, all wrapped up in a cupcake tissue paper. The medium fit me well (i’m usually a medium), let me say though if you’re a borderline medium/large go bigger. The colors and the design were great, my only problem is I got ink on the shirt already from walking around with a ball point pen with the top off :-(