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Drink Until You Want Me T-Shirt

LOL, this is such a genius photo, she is going to need quite a few more pitchers I think :)

Thanks to my Mad Fin friend

Never Give Up On Your Stupid Stupid Dreams

Stupiddreams 300

This is my new favorite t-shirt Never Give Up Your Stupid Stupid Dreams from a new T-shirt company called Space Pancake. They are new so the designs are limited, but these two are my favorites (the never give up Tee reminds me very much of my other fav shirt All My Friends Are Dead).

Stupiddreams Photo

Forbidden love, the design below, will i’m sure appeal to the folks trying to differentiate between a Giant Squid and a Collosal Squid (which if you didn’t know the colossal one has hooks in each of its suckers, I know, restores faith in the internets).
Forbiddenlove 300