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Awesome Funny T-Shirts On Sale for $9

This is a guest post from headlineshirts, they didn’t pay me, they just wrote it, but they do advertise, and they have Relentlessly Awesome shirts.

I’ve heard fashion can’t be inexpensive, and I’m here to turn the world on its head and show that fashion CAN be inexpensive, funny, intelligent and insanely comfortable. Sure, you see the likes of Brangelina on the red carpet in designer threads, but what you can also see is the “rest of the time” look. Usually, they sport some comfy intelligent tees, like these from Headline Shirts.

Headline Shirts decided to spread the love to those of you who don’t enjoy spending hundreds of dollars for a tee. They give to you, the most insane sale ever. For only $9 you can choose from a plethora of designs! From satire to bicycles to local San Francisco hotspots, they’ve got it all, and want you to have it too.



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Ecstasy and Agony

Holiday Sales from 3 Cool Companies

410BC has an awesome 50% off sale going on

Headline Shirts has reduced all it’s shirts to $18 (normally $24-$28)

Blood Is the New Black has a coupon code TURKEYTROT

Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels from Headlineshirts
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From 410BC, very mystical, very limited edition shirt, only 100 are going to be printed

Bags from Blood Is the New Black, make a great t-shirt print as well I think

Headline Shirts Big Sale – All Shirts on Sale

Stalin “I Voted”

Headline Shirts is having a blowout sale and everything is either 5, 10, 15, or 20 dollars (their shirts are normally $24). I have several of these shirts and they are super soft, wear well, and the prints are so well integrated with the material you can barely feel them (ie. not plastisol).

You can pick up this super exclusive limited edition for $15 :)

Check out the sale items here

America, Everyone Hates Us Now? – Headline Shirts

I wore a nice little combination on Sunday of the America, Everyone Hates Us Now T-shirt from HeadlineShirts and Glarkware’s I heart Irony hoodie. It was a great combination because everyone would see the shirt and say “well, that’s not really true now is it” and then I would pull back the top of the hoodie to reveal that I really did heart the irony of it. I see lots of fashion advice around what colors and styles go together, but not enough about what jokes go together, consider this the first lesson in humor couture.