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Self Rescuing Princess T-Shirt: Games and Game Design

Love the Self Rescuing T-Shirt from ThinkGeek. It’s particular appropriate because the last few weeks has been full of game design fun via the influx of game geekdom for GDC, the annual game developers conference in San Francisco. The video game industry is famous for creating games by boys for boys, so I felt pretty lucky last night to meet some amazing women involved in gaming. This included Alice, author of the Wonderlandblog.com, and designers of the massive online game http://thenethernet.com Merci and Dutchashell.

Achievement Unlocked: Left House – New Stuff From Split Reason

If you have played Xbox you will recognize the familiar “achievement” icon that rewards various stages of gameplay, well Splitreason, the specialist in “Gaming Wear” have realeased a couple of fun items. I love the Achievement Unlocked: Left House T-shirt, because sometimes it’s so hard to do when you are trying to finish GTA, but the underwear cracks me up even more :-)

5 New Katamari Damacy T-Shirts From Panic

The only officially licensed Katamari Damacy T-shirts are sold by a small mac software development shop named Panic Software, I just got a note this morning that they have 5 new shirts. Apart from the new designs they’ve also added some printing innovations like “shiny” and “fuzzy”, i’ve included an image from both types:



Enjoy, and keep on rolling :-)

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Nintendo Family Tree (from nes to the Wii) from nerdy shirts

Nintendo Girls lg 1

New this week from nerdy shirts is the Nintendo Family Tree shirt which will be a great shirt to wear as you traipse from store to store looking for an elusive Wii. Good luck everybody!