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Powerset Katamari T-Shirts

this is how I roll

Last night I was at the Powerset launch party at Mighty (a rather swish nightclub in the Mission). Powerset is a new search technology which recently launched, hence the party, and has set itself the ambitious task of competing with google. Well while at the party I saw this wonderful Katamari inspired t-shirt so I snapped a pic and introduced myself. As it turns out the t-shirt was printed by a couple of the programers who are working on part of the technology that they have codenamed Katamari, because it is essentially part of the technology that goes out and collects things, and you guessed it rolls them up. Brilliant. I was of course sporting the wonderful Make Love Not War threadless t-shirt by Paul Burgess which got a lot of love that evening I can tell you :-)

this is how i roll 2

Line Rider Version Of Dick in a box

Line Rider is an amazing flash based game/tool/time waster that allows you to draw lines on this flash page that a little guy will then “ride” on a little toboggan, often with tragic results. Well the scope of these little games can become quite ambitious and it this version it’s essentially another parody of the SNL Dick In A Box bit that I talked about previously.

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And here’s the obligatory t-shirt link:
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