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Beating Heart LED T-Shirt – From Instructables

Check out this great Instructable on how to make your own “beating heart LED T-shirt“. If anyone else does something like this please send photos and i’ll update this.

Remember the Turn Signals built into your Hoodie from Makezine? These are cutting edge but i’m sure in the next couple of years led’s and “light emitting fabric” is going to start to become more prevalent.

turn signals in your hoodie

iShirt T-Shirt from Urban Tool


The iShirt is the perfect accessory for all you iPeople and iKids on the go with your iPods. Probably good for stashing pot as well :-) Available for boys and girls, comes in black, white and orange, costs about 35 euros, looks like it ships from Germany.

This smart shirt has been specially designed to carry mobile phones and iPods in an elastic and safe pocket. The sporty cut and highly functional fabric with moisture management render this shirt a real high-tech product. Includes a special loop for fixing the line.

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