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Evolution New T-Shirt from Glenz

Evolution Image

Love this new shirt from GlenzTees, really fun stuff.

New Titty City T-Shirt from Hamburger Eyes by Manik!


What can I possibly write about this shirt, it’s a boob wearing headphones and sunglasses, there’s nothing more to say. In the words of the classic movie Contact “they should have sent a poet” :-)


Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine is based in San Francisco and published tri-annually by Burgerworld Media. Hamburger Eyes is off-set printed in black and white on glossy stock, perfect bound with a cardstock cover, holding 100 pages at a run of 3000 copies. Hamburger Eyes is carried in shops, stores, libraries, galleries, and museums across the entire planet.

Keep up with them at Burgerworldchronicles.com and their online store theWormholes.org

Teh Internets T-Shirt from The Chop Shop with annotations

I don’t know how I missed this but I love the Internet Meme t-shirt from Chop Shop. Even better, when I did a quick search online I found out (via Laughingsquid) that Dave Shea has annotated the t-shirt with notes on flickr with links to all the memes.

Dave also did the same thing for the Robots shirt that the chop shop recently came out with.

Uranus and The Shunning T-Shirts from Cloth Moth

Uranus 1

I got a few sample shirts in the mail last week from Joshua at Cloth Moth, and I’ve got to say i’ve had a very positive experience with them so far. The shirts are very good quality and the prints are really nice screen prints, and as for the jokes i’ve had a lot of laughs and giggles from people. The thing I really like about the humor on Cloth Moth shirts is that they tend to be a slow burn, people have to think for a bit and then the penny drops, I think they get funnier over time the longer you live with them, which is rather unusual for T-Shirt humor which tends to immediately beat you over the head and then seem rather stupid a week later.

Uranus 2

I’ve had a great reaction to The Shunning, it just seems to make people smile.


Not only do they have a nice selection of subtly humorous t-shirts they also have some baby onesies so if you are reproducing you should check them out as well.

Oh and if you want to lampoon all the Bloomingdale poseurs get yourself a Dangly Brown Sack :-)


Overheard on Tatooine


How much of a Star Wars nerd do you have to be to love this and want it on a t-shirt? Not just me right? It’s by a guy called Doug Savage and the blog is called Savage Chickens. He does have a t-shirt store, cafe press, and none of the hysterical cartoons on them either.

What do you guys think of Cafe Press, if you’re buying a shirt is it a positive or negative thing? I personally like it when I know something is screen printed, maybe i’m a Luddite.

Never Give Up On Your Stupid Stupid Dreams

Stupiddreams 300

This is my new favorite t-shirt Never Give Up Your Stupid Stupid Dreams from a new T-shirt company called Space Pancake. They are new so the designs are limited, but these two are my favorites (the never give up Tee reminds me very much of my other fav shirt All My Friends Are Dead).

Stupiddreams Photo

Forbidden love, the design below, will i’m sure appeal to the folks trying to differentiate between a Giant Squid and a Collosal Squid (which if you didn’t know the colossal one has hooks in each of its suckers, I know, restores faith in the internets).
Forbiddenlove 300

Bill O’Reilly Flipping Out T-Shirt “We’ll Do It Live”


I knew a t-shirt would be out for this Bill O’Reilly gem quickly, and i’m sure it’s not the last. I am personally mesmerized by the clip of O’Reilly flipping out itself and have probably watched it a dozen times. One of the funniest and subtle moments in it IMHO is just after he’s totally gone mad and said “fuck it, we’ll do it live” the stage manager just responds by starting to count him in, and in almost a pavlovian response Bill totally calms down and says the necessary line. I find that moment in time absolutely fascinating. Oh and don’t miss the Fuck It Dance Remix here, it’s brilliant.

Wikipedia is Accurate (Citation needed) T-Shirt


I love this new shirt from Busted Tees, delicious irony.

Pre-Order “dick in a box” t-shirt from bustedtees

A t-shirt is already available for pre-order from bustedtees based on that hysterical saturday night live skit “dick in a box” (this is the uncensored version)

link for feedreaders


(this is an affiliate link so tcritic might make a buck)

Tip of the hat to Pixelantes Anonymous

HONK if you’re going to run over me


That genius that is threadless has many gems, I like this one a lot. I also fancy the girl who’s just about to get run over :-)

I like Boobies

Threadless.com Product - Nice Boobies I love shirts that are conversation starters, and there’s nothing like this for a conversation starter.

“what are those” (pointing at chest)
“Those are boobies”

These must be the famed “red footed booby”

Red Footed Booby

My favorite Booby has got to be the famed “Masked Booby”, great visual.

My Baby got Stole… By A Bear Holding A Shark!!

Another cool, non sequitur from the good people at homestarrunner.com, somewhat reminiscent of Elaine’s “Maybe a dingo ate your baby”.