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HD-DVD Key On A T-Shirt from Dirty Microbe

UPDATE: It seems that Dirty Microbe has not being sending out their orders or paying their affiliate fees, buyer be very aware!


Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg was sent a cease and desist letter because someone posted the hex key that enables you to crack the HD-DVD DRM. Digg’s initial reaction was to take down the offending post kicking off what can only be called a virtual riot on digg.

Dirty Microbe has published the key in a good looking rainbow t-shirt that says sharing is caring. I couldn’t agree more, I’m not advocating stealing things, but I am always finding my media that I’ve purchased is constantly hobbled with attempts by media companies to stop me doing something with it. I’ve stopped buying itunes music because all the DRM’d itunes music won’t play over my connect360 tool on my Mac laptop, to stream through my xbox. It’s really annoying because it is the shiznit to have all my music avalable on my xbox and playable through my home theater and with a full size visualizer running on my 42″ plasma :-)

Want to learn more about copyrighting code, check out the amazing talk from Lawrence Lessig, he’s a professor at Stanford and the formost thinker on issues of the misuse and over extension of copyright.