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Ampersand T-Shirts in a Variety of Fonts

If you like typographic t-shirts then you will probably get a kick out of ampertee.com, a typographic shop that just sells ampersands hand screened on T-shirts in a selection of cool fonts. They have fonts like Franklin Gothic, Arial, Baskerville, Palatino and quite a few more. Clever idea and if you hold with the theory that niche products often do well on the web I think this will do quite well.

Typophile T-Shirt Competition Winner Now Avalable For Pre-order

Here it is, the winner of the Typophile T-Shirt contest ready for pre-order at their store. SN Rajpurohit from Ahmedabad, India has won the contest with his submission “Light, Regular, Bold & Bold Italic”. It’s obscure, not everyone will get it, and I think that is exactly the point, it’s a badge of honor for the fontoholics among us. Keep up with Typophile on their website and also check out the other shirts available at the Typophile store on Big Cartel.

Printed on: American Apparel
Cost: $22