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Profesional Dreamer from Holiday Matinee

I really like the concept behind this T-Shirt from Holiday Matinee. The movie camera in many ways represents one of the key tools of Professional Dreamers and as an avid consumer of movies I appreciate the ideal.

Another nice feature:

Holiday Matinee donates 100% of artist series proceeds to Plant-It 2020, who will plant, maintain and protect 20 trees for every item purchased.

Objectified T-Shirt – New Film from the maker of Helvetica the Movie

Objectified is a new documentary about product design from the maker of the designerd classic documentary Helvetica. If you have not seen Helvetica yet you can watch it streaming via Netflix or of course on DVD and I can’t recommend it highly enough, it was a thoroughly fascinating film.

Objectified is a deep dive into product/industrial design and I can’t wait, it looks fantastic.

If You Can See Me the ChromaKey is Turned Off from Super Sweet Tees

ZOMG, how much of a geek do you have to be to get this shirt, or say ZOMG for that matter.