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Rahzo Creative Community Supporting Non Profits

Rahzo is a creative community that really seems to be blossoming, it’s goal is to support non-profits and creative individuals, in their words:

Rahzo™ is an online creative community for individuals to share and purchase creative works for the purpose of inspiring others, benefiting nonprofits, and promoting positive growth and collaboration.

We partner with nonprofit organizations who receive fully disclosed financial donations from every garment purchased from Rahzo

Say Cheese Designed by batturandu from: Burma

Seed Designed by danielarruda from: Brazil

One of the fantastic things they do on the site is give the purchaser the option to direct their donation to a particular cause, this is a feature I would like to see on more ecommerce platforms.

Their are lots of calls for submissions on the site and they do offer cash prizes for designs that are selected. My one quibble on the site is there is very little disclosure or transparency for the people who are submit designs, I couldn’t find anywhere on the site what you may win or any details like that. If these guys could use a threadless like voting model combined with their desire to help non-profits I think they would have a killer combination.

Avoiding Common Design Mistakes

I was reading HideYourArms the other day and came across this article where some brilliant designers have started putting together a list of 15 Awful Mistakes Made by Designers in the Music & Apparel Industry (here’s part 2 with the next 5). This is a must read for any T-Shirt designers, and IMHO anyone who is looking to hire designers. I’ve been working in and around the design industry for a long time and I can tell you that the points brought up in this article are right on. They’re not about style or technique, there about the business of design./


Designers who contributed to the article include:

Rob Dobi Dan Mumford Derek Deal Jimiyo Geoff May Justin Ryan Laurie Shipley AJ Dimarucot Jimmy Heartcore

On a lighter note, if you are a long time reader you may remember my post about the Design-Police.org and their nice little design critique sticker set.

Designpolice 2

I think some T-Shirt designers could use some things like “Unoriginal idea” “Over use of beer pong” and “Remove arrow pointing at penis”.