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Jesus, Lets Dance – Hotcrossculture – Reader Submission

lets dance

Well congrats Roger from Australia for submitting this t-shirt from HotCrossCulture, i’ll be mailing you a tee soon, man I hope I get some submissions from some local folks or I’ll go broke pretty quick :-) Anyway, cool T and I got the email within about 10 minutes of my last post.

lets dance 2

More T Vicar – Best Name For a T-Shirt Store Ever

More t VicarProbably the best name for a T-Shirt store i’ve seen, I love it. Not only that but it’s a store that includes local artists creations, every month they commission exclusive designs from local talent and limit the designs to 100 items. You can see all the design in the area of the site they call “the collective“.

The designer Mr Bingo emailed me telling me about the store, and here’s one of his designs.

Mtv 43nat 1

More T Vicar?