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Rahzo Creative Community Supporting Non Profits

Rahzo is a creative community that really seems to be blossoming, it’s goal is to support non-profits and creative individuals, in their words:

Rahzo™ is an online creative community for individuals to share and purchase creative works for the purpose of inspiring others, benefiting nonprofits, and promoting positive growth and collaboration.

We partner with nonprofit organizations who receive fully disclosed financial donations from every garment purchased from Rahzo

Say Cheese Designed by batturandu from: Burma

Seed Designed by danielarruda from: Brazil

One of the fantastic things they do on the site is give the purchaser the option to direct their donation to a particular cause, this is a feature I would like to see on more ecommerce platforms.

Their are lots of calls for submissions on the site and they do offer cash prizes for designs that are selected. My one quibble on the site is there is very little disclosure or transparency for the people who are submit designs, I couldn’t find anywhere on the site what you may win or any details like that. If these guys could use a threadless like voting model combined with their desire to help non-profits I think they would have a killer combination.

Great New T-Shirts from Fullbleed

(click on the image for higher rez version)

Fullbleed consistently produces such imaginative and well executed designs, they are certainly in my list of favorite T-Shirt companies. If you like Fullbleed you will probably also like the style from the British design company Airside.

Objectified T-Shirt – New Film from the maker of Helvetica the Movie

Objectified is a new documentary about product design from the maker of the designerd classic documentary Helvetica. If you have not seen Helvetica yet you can watch it streaming via Netflix or of course on DVD and I can’t recommend it highly enough, it was a thoroughly fascinating film.

Objectified is a deep dive into product/industrial design and I can’t wait, it looks fantastic.

New Artists Collaboration T-Shirts with Modern Amusement

I’m loving these T-Shirts from Modern Amusement, quirky, different, sophisticated, and yes expensive :-) but you know what, that just means you are not going to be running into every shmo with the same shirt as well. T-Shirts are getting like party dresses (a student from my blogging class started a blog about dresses and she’s posting some amazing stuff) in some ways, you don’t want to show up to the same event with the same T-Shirt as someone else :-)

They have a tonne of other gear as well, the site is kind of annoying to navigate but there is some great stuff in amongst the high minded flash design of the site. In some ways I just wish there was a long page with all the shirts on it, but I’m just a pragmatist, show me the shirts.

The inaugural collection features L.A based Eric Nyquist and Brooklyn’s Jonathan Cammisa who put their own unique twist on the brand’s trademark crow logo. Each season, Modern Amusement will add to the series by releasing a new design from a range of global designers.

Eric Nyquist merges industrial and organic in his detail drawings; with each one the viewer is forced to get up close to study overlooked details. While the details create complex imagery, they also reference an increasing dependence on technology and its ability to distribute information. Its interpretation of the Modern Amusement’s crow perfectly reflects his signature style (black tshirt below).

Jonathan Cammisa’s illustrations are dark, morbid and beautiful all at the same time. His design for Modern Amusement is as unsettling as a horror movie. Jonathan is currently looking to “expand his flannel collection and taking more hikes” and his representation of the x-ray of a smiling crow witnesses this mix of humour and darker inspirations

Ffee Clothing Thanksgiving T-Shirt Sale Free Shipping

Ffee Clothing out of Florida has dropped a couple of new designs, and as a thanksgiving offer they are providing free shipping on all orders through December 1st, including international shipping (which is pretty f’ing good, that saves $11).

I tooled around on their blog at ffee.wordpress.com a little bit and found some great pictures of their work space and some of the artwork that the T-Shirts are based on. Sure looks like a fun place to work :-) keep up the great work guys.

Tasty Tees Creating Wearable Art

The Octopus is a new T-Shirt from Tasty Tees by Amsterdam based artist Lotte Klaver.

Lotte lives in Amsterdam and graduated from the Amsterdam School of Arts. Her drawings blog is www.lotteklaver.nl

More about Tasty Tees:

In a unique collaboration, tasty tees founder Tobias Crabtree works directly with artists and non-profit arts organizations to promote the creative community through printing collectible, ‘wearable’ art. A healthy portion of the proceeds from all t-shirt sales goes directly to each featured artist while also supporting the non-profit organization Starting Artists (www.startingartists.org), which provides opportunities for inner city teens to pursue their interests in the arts.

Oddity Clothing Opening Sale – New T-Shirt Company

I’m loving the designs from Oddity Clothing, they are a new T-Shirt company I just heard about and it’s obvious they have put a lot of work into their designs. Most of the T-Shirts are designed by different artists and are wonderfully original. Better yet they are all on sale for $15 until the end of the year :-) Also all the designs appear to be available for men and women.

Bombshell: for guys, for girls, and an awesome girls hoodie as well


I Do What I Want: for guys and for Girls

Ampersand T-Shirts in a Variety of Fonts

If you like typographic t-shirts then you will probably get a kick out of ampertee.com, a typographic shop that just sells ampersands hand screened on T-shirts in a selection of cool fonts. They have fonts like Franklin Gothic, Arial, Baskerville, Palatino and quite a few more. Clever idea and if you hold with the theory that niche products often do well on the web I think this will do quite well.

Amazing Designer T-Shirts From DesignGive.com and They Do Good

Design Give is a collaboration of artists who produce wonderfully designed T-Shirts and give a portion of the proceeds to a charity of the buyers choice. The extraordinary thing about these designs that sets them apart from most cause based clothing is how f’ing good they are. At $13 they represent amazing value as well, check them out as they have redesigned their site and IMHO raised the bar for web design. Oh, and I just bought all three of these :-)


by Samuel Sinaga

“My style is about curves,minimalism and vibrant illustration. I love the idea of a simple illustration being made from a series of complex ideas.”


by Maciej Rakowski

“The design is connected with problems that can occur in the heart. People often forget how important it is in our lives.”


by Carlos Quiterio

“The world is a beautiful place, filled with people who have made beautiful music. This is my dedication to one of those great people.”

I Feel Golden – Another Design-nerd T-Shirt

Love the “I Feel Golden” T-shirt from Brooklyn Industries, for $36 it is at the higher end, but i’m sure designers and photographers will love it.

Found via the T-Shirt fire hose that is rumplo

5 Humans Curing Ignorance With T-Shirts – On Sale Sept 5th-14th

I have two major complaints about many “cause” related T-Shirt companies, 1. they think that the cause is enough, and design is secondary, not true, if your trying to persuade anyone of anything design should be you number 1 consideration and it is worth investing in, hire a professional designer. and 2. they are ambiguous about how much they are contributing to the cause, with statements like “a portion of the proceeds”, or “10% of profits”, when we all know profit is a fictional number made up by accountants.

Five Humans on the other hand uses great design and donates 10% of the purchase price to the causes. Way to go guys, I really like the stuff. Not only that they are running a 15% off sale from September 5th to the 14th so check them out.

The Coronary Truth

Do The Math

Autism Mind Speak

Homeroom Clothing Site Launches

Track Bike, water based ink, 6oz 100% cotton tee

Homeroom Clothing is a local San Francisco outfit started by Alval, a third generation tailor. He made himself a hoodie when he was in college and when wearing it on Haight St a woman from Complex magazine stopped him and asked him where he got it from, when he said it was his own creation, she asked what his clothing line was called, when he said he didn’t have one, she said he should, and the rest as they say is history. I have a couple of homeroom shirts and the shirts and designs are very well made, and more importantly original. I’ve known about these guys for a while but they didn’t have a full on ecommerce web site, now they do.

All work and no pay, water based ink, 6oz 100% cotton tee

Avoiding Common Design Mistakes

I was reading HideYourArms the other day and came across this article where some brilliant designers have started putting together a list of 15 Awful Mistakes Made by Designers in the Music & Apparel Industry (here’s part 2 with the next 5). This is a must read for any T-Shirt designers, and IMHO anyone who is looking to hire designers. I’ve been working in and around the design industry for a long time and I can tell you that the points brought up in this article are right on. They’re not about style or technique, there about the business of design./


Designers who contributed to the article include:

Rob Dobi Dan Mumford Derek Deal Jimiyo Geoff May Justin Ryan Laurie Shipley AJ Dimarucot Jimmy Heartcore

On a lighter note, if you are a long time reader you may remember my post about the Design-Police.org and their nice little design critique sticker set.

Designpolice 2

I think some T-Shirt designers could use some things like “Unoriginal idea” “Over use of beer pong” and “Remove arrow pointing at penis”.

New from design studio JP33

Jp 33

After going designs for other companies including Juicy Couture and Bong Vodka, design studio JP33 has started doing a few shirts of their own. The prints look great, just wish there were more of them.

Sorry I haven’t posted much the last couple of days, i’ve had the flu for the last couple of days and have been at home on the couch not able do much. Sucks because i’m going to the Moto GP this weekend at Laguna Seca, which entails camping at the race track for 3 days, generally awesome but not when you’re recovering from flu :-(

Moral Fabric T-Shirts

I really like these guys, great name: Moral Fabric, and a great web site showcasing their designs. You can tell from the copy and details on their site they care about their designs, fabric and process.

Organic t Shirt tpw
Organic Designer

All of our MENS organic cotton t-shirts use certified organic cotton GROWN AND SPUN in the USA! We ONLY use low impact dyes in all of our organic t-shirt styles. We are committed to creating forward thinking t-shirts which utilize environmentally friendly production techniques.

Octopus t Shirt 350
Octopus T-Shirt | 100% Organic Cotton

Shirt specs: Made with our environmentally friendly 4.4 oz. 30/1 combed ring spun 100% organic cotton fine jersey. Details include self jersey shoulder to shoulder neck tape, set on rib collar and double needle sleeve and bottom hem. Shirt fits tastefully slim. Buy your true size.

Burnout Ahimsa big
Ahimsa Burnout T-Shirt

Ahimsa is an Eastern religious concept which advocates non-violence and a respect for all life. Ahimsa is Sanskrit for avoidance of himsa, or injury. It is interpreted most often as meaning peace and reverence toward all sentient beings. Ahimsa is an important doctrine of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Its first mention in Indian philosophy is found in the Hindu scriptures called the Upanishads, the oldest dating about 800 BCE.

T-Shirt Details : Burn out jersey 30/1 combed ring spun 50% cotton 50% polyester. Set on rib collar, blind stitch sleeve hem, blind stitch bottom hem, tape shoulder to shoulder, side seamed

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