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On this day in history – William Gibson Was Born March 17th 1948

Ok, I could not think of a good T-Shirt for this day in history so I got some of my Twitter friends to make some suggestions. Please submit your own suggestion in the comments or let me know in the comments which t-shirt you think is the best to celebrate the birth of William Gibson, a renowned sci-fi author, and father of the term “cyberspace”. I will be sending a $25 Threadless gift certificate to the person that submits the best one (let me know your twitter name or email [name at service dot com] for me to be able to contact you)

From KinderCore T-Shirts and submitted by ThunderFrogs

From The Affair submitted by stiricide

From TankTheory submitted by teeconnoisseur

From Modern Classic submitted by ModernClassic

From The Affair submitted by stiricide