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Swinger T-Shirt by Three Delight


This Swinger design is so much fun, by designer Three Delight. Of course a play on words from the classic Singer sewing machine (my Mum had a Singer when i was growing up), the design juxtaposes the wholesomeness of the sewing machine with the edginess of the Swinger, brilliant.

I think the guys at Threadbanger (the extreme craft and clothing DIY show) need this shirt :-) I met them the other day at the Renegade Craft fair and it seems that a Sewing Machine company called Janome has stepped up to sponsor their show, which is a g

Found via the good folks at Rumplo

Me and Seibie at Renegade Craft Fair

(check out flickr for a few more pics from the show which I haven’t organized yet)

Here’s a quick snap of me and David who is the man behind the awesome Seibei clothing brand with his now famous “Make Me a Sandwich” T-Shirt. David was showing off his stuff at the Renegade Craft fair which was a rocking good time with lots of great indie products and clothing. It’s held in Brooklyn, Chicago and San Francisco so I highly recommend you check it out if it’s in your area.

Jake Nickell’s T-Shirt Picks On Etsy

Jake Nickell founder of Threadless has done an interview with Etsy picking out some of his favorite T-Shirt designers and designs, I concur with Jake on most of his choices and pulled a couple of my favs. (I highly recomend subscribing to the Etsy blog, the Storque.

Slow Shirts – Hand Screened Original Drawings

I love the designs Slow Shirts is putting out there, so fucking good.
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And the test prints are real one of a kinds
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Cubist Literature – Re-Cycled T-shirts

Many of Cubist Literature shirts are hand drawn, recycled, inside out shirts :-) Unique? Check. Intriguing? Check. Awesome? Check.
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Check out his blog cubistliterature.com for more weirdness


Enferno is a self taught 18 yo out of Utah who is doing some very unique designs.

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Etsy is a wonderful place to find unique and had crafted stuff, any of you guys have any favorites?