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5th Grader suspended for wearing Anti Obama T-Shirt

According to Fox News Colorado the kids in this Colorado school were asked to wear something red white and blue to show their patriotism and this particular 11 year old thought this T-Shirt would work. I actually think the kid should have been suspended for crimes against graphic design, seriously, with services like cafe press and spreadshirt there is no excuse for badly written polarizing, divisive, hyperbolic statements.

Design Won’t Save The World You Pretentious Fuck


In reaction to Artefacture’s T-Shirt “Design Will Save The World” Frank-C on Flickr posted this:

His comment is this:

Pardon my French. Really, I’m not usually such a potty mouth.

Is anyone else thinking this?

I saw a t-shirt tonight, and the whole mentality of it just ticks me off.

I’ve seen the sentiment in other places. I think it’s misleading and primarily flawed; it’s inaction cleverly disguised as action. If you want to save the world, start by saving what’s prevalent in it: people. Help them. Love them.

Rant over.

First off, I think this would make a great T-Shirt, I would certainly wear either one depending on how I was feeling. I actually don’t agree that the

I certainly don’t share Frank’s vehement opposition to the “Design Will Save The World” concept, but I don’t necessarily take it quite as seriously or as literally as him I guess. I believe that design is an activity that can bring great change in the world. It of course depends on your definition of design but the design of irrigation systems, or mechanical pumps, the kind of stuff that Dean Kaman works on are all positive contributions to the world. I think I need a shirt that says “Typography Will Save The World” now that might be some pretentiousness to get angry about.