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Jizz In My Pants – All That Jizz T-Shirt

Kung Fu Nation have created this homage to the hysterical SNL/lonely Island Jizz in my Pants song which has recieved over 20 Million viewings on Youtube. I really like that Kung Fu Nation created an original design as opposed to just mindlessly copying the key phrase from the song. All That Jizz is a great idea.

If you have not seen it yet, check it out, I must have watched it ten times already, Samberg and the gang are on top form. I’ve even been developing a small amount of admiration for Justin Timberlake who has had some fun little cameo’s in Lonely Island stuff.

My Baldological Clock Is Ticking – New From Birbig Shirts


Standup comedian Mike Birbiglia who also produces shirts inspired from his standup routines has just come out with a new one, My Baldological Clock Is Ticking, guys. I’m sure all the guys in the audience know what i’m talking about, right?

I know, don’t give up my day job right, anyway, it’s on American Apparel (is that a good thing or a bad thing now?), and is $17.99 so check it out.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful T-Shirt from FOTC

keep new zealand beautiful

A classic for all you Flight of the Conchords fans, the Keep New Zealand Beautiful t-shirt that Jemaine wears. Also $5 does get donated to the Keep New Zealand Beautiful fund. The t-shirt is 45 New Zealand Dollars (whatever they might be called), which is about $34 USD.

Upper Playground T-Shirt

Upper Playground T-Shirt
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Ok, these guys totally rock, not just the one’s on the T-Shirt but the ones behind the shirt at Upper Playground. Not sure what this shirt is called, but it says aUP Men’s: Comedy on the page. Oh, and by the way if i’m not looking thrilled in this picture it’s because there’s a bunch of boxes in the background that need unpacking as i’m standing in my new apartment and it’s a freaking obstacle course right now. Anyway, here’s a close up of the shirt so you can see most of the characters

Upper Playground T-Shirt

It’s certainly checking out the rest of the designs, they’ve got quite a selection, oh and they’re based in San Francisco :-)