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Avoiding Common Design Mistakes

I was reading HideYourArms the other day and came across this article where some brilliant designers have started putting together a list of 15 Awful Mistakes Made by Designers in the Music & Apparel Industry (here’s part 2 with the next 5). This is a must read for any T-Shirt designers, and IMHO anyone who is looking to hire designers. I’ve been working in and around the design industry for a long time and I can tell you that the points brought up in this article are right on. They’re not about style or technique, there about the business of design./


Designers who contributed to the article include:

Rob Dobi Dan Mumford Derek Deal Jimiyo Geoff May Justin Ryan Laurie Shipley AJ Dimarucot Jimmy Heartcore

On a lighter note, if you are a long time reader you may remember my post about the Design-Police.org and their nice little design critique sticker set.

Designpolice 2

I think some T-Shirt designers could use some things like “Unoriginal idea” “Over use of beer pong” and “Remove arrow pointing at penis”.

Threadshow San Francisco Redux

Wow, so I’m back from Threadshow SF and it was an awesome event, 100+ indie fashion designers and entrepreneurs all under one roof with everything from hand-painted leather jackets, to sneakers, to t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts. For me it was wonderful to go round and in most cases get to talk to the owners and designers behind the t-shirts to talk about their process, their passion, where the get inspiration. It was also pretty awesome that some people had heard of tcritic as well :-)

The threadshow event is actually held in several cities including San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, and even Bristol in the UK so if you are in the vicinity of one of these I highly recommend you check it out. In addition to finding amazing stuff the prices are great as well (I still managed to spend several hundred dollars though). I can’t wait for December 16 which is when the next one is in San Francisco.

Anyway, rather than write up all the stuff I found in one post I thought i’d spread it out over a few days that way each design gets a bit of individual attention.

The first one i’ll write about is Ho On The Go.

Also here’s a video from when I was just walking into the event, I wish I had done more of this but once I got into the show I had enough on my plate talking to people and shopping, oh well next time.

UPDATE: Some more video of me where the folks at Artefacture turned the tables and interviewed me :-)

Threadless Now Pays Artists For Reprints and Ups Prize Money to $2500

Threadless has just announced on their blog that they will be paying artists $500 any time they do a reprint of a winning design, and will be upping the prize money to $2000 in cash, and $500 in credit for other threadless stuff. Interestingly they also announced that winning designers get to join the exclusive Alumni Club:

access to the Alumni Club area in the blog forum, a membership card, a totally sweet Alumni Club medal of honor, an Alumni Club tee shirt, an Alumni Club coffee mug and a fancy Alumni Club mousepad.

This announcement comes of course hot on the heals of the launch last week of Designed By Humans, which many agreed was one of the only potential competitors to threadless. Ironically one of the threadless founders made the comment that there wasn’t really any competition as the t-shirt market was so large, of course one of the quotes in this recent announcement was:

AND, starting today, we are paying an additional $500 for each time your design is reprinted! That means that if your design is reprinted 8,000,000 times, you could win an addition $4,000,000,000 !!!! Beat that, competition!

Good for you guys Threadless :-)

Hat tip HYA