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Karl Long T-Shirts Unboxing by Tshirtblog.nl

Well looks like the owner of the Dutch T-Shirt blog Tshirtblog.nl has done a review and unboxing of one of my T-shirts and I think he was particularly impressed with the free gift :-) One of my partners Paul insisted we put something goofy in every package we sent out and currently that is candy cigarettes, I had no idea they were called Stalion candy though, sounds rather like an erectile dysfunction product as opposed to candy cigarettes :-)

here are some of the tweet comments i’ve got as well :-)

I’m on twitter.com/karllong

Blog This – By CrackSmokingShirts

Blog This
Blog This from CrackSmokingShirts.com

Another t-shirt site with the requesite anchorman quotes etc. but they did have this gem which I have to send to my blogging friends :-)


Oddica T-Shirt Schwag

Thanks Oddica, you are “this weeks best company ever” :-)

Oddica sent me the sweet Ping Pong Vader Shirt and the very cool Exploded Turn Table Shirt.

Seriously though, the thing I like about Oddica is it’s essentially an artists co-operative and the artists behind the shirts own 41% of the company, keep it up guys.


Exploded Turn Table Shirt
Oddica T-Shirt Schwag

and look at the amazing packaging:


(all photo’s taken with a Nokia N80)

I Digg _______


Totally nerdy and i love it. Comes with it’s own marker pen so you can fill in what you digg, now that’s interactive!

Teetonic Sending Me A Shirt

Well teetonic.com contacted me yesterday and offered me a free T-Shirt, well what can I say, i’m a t-shirt whore and totally swayed by schwag, these guys are the total shiznit :-)

I actually really like this one, as someone who has grown up in what is increasingly a consumer culture, I often wonder how else we make meaning in our lives. That’s why i like blogging, it’s not consumption, it’s creative, and subversive. The revolution will not be televised it will be blogged.

Anyway, go buy there stuff, it will fill that little t-shirt sized void inside of you.