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Sexy Banana T-Shirt – from Eno.cn

My friend Chris from Revel industries and the hysterical Headline shirts gave me this shirt last weekend, not sure why he thought of me, but he’s very kind.

It’s actually direct from a clothing retailer in China from a company called Eno.cn – which carries a lot of very cool shirts. I think it’s pretty refreshing to see some good design and well made goods coming out of China as opposed to cheap, lowest common denominator designs that the west has been driving out of there. Another good thing is the site is in English and Chinese which is great, and from what i’ve seen pretty unusual.

The design is done by Mr Box and the hang tag is almost Borat like in it’s apparent cultural absurdity.

Kowtow – Organic, Fair Trade, and F’ing Awesome T-Shirts

Sometimes t-shirt companies that tout organic, fair trade, and sustainable also produce some god awful boring designs, but not these guys. Kowtow is out of New Zealand and even though i’m not sure what $75 is in New Zealand currency i’m sure these Tees are worth it :-) I particularly like the Rhino fucking the Hummer, kind of like the old monkey fucking a football but on a much grander scale.

Read more about Kowtow here:

We have been certified by the the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation in every step of the way: From growing, spinning, dyeing, knitting, cutting, stitching, printing, embroidering, finishing to packing!

The Fairtrade Labelling Organisation is a recognised certification body that conducts periodic on-site inspections and external audits. We adhere to international fairtrade criteria for employment, work environment and socio-economic development. Our workers get independently assessed fair living wages which are usually higher than minimum legal wages, as well as medical, paid leave and retirement benefits, job training and free education for their dependants. A safe, fair and conducive work environment is provided where worker needs and issues are addressed, allowing employees to pursue a dignified livelihood while optimising productivity.