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Profesional Dreamer from Holiday Matinee

I really like the concept behind this T-Shirt from Holiday Matinee. The movie camera in many ways represents one of the key tools of Professional Dreamers and as an avid consumer of movies I appreciate the ideal.

Another nice feature:

Holiday Matinee donates 100% of artist series proceeds to Plant-It 2020, who will plant, maintain and protect 20 trees for every item purchased.

Ffee Clothing Thanksgiving T-Shirt Sale Free Shipping

Ffee Clothing out of Florida has dropped a couple of new designs, and as a thanksgiving offer they are providing free shipping on all orders through December 1st, including international shipping (which is pretty f’ing good, that saves $11).

I tooled around on their blog at ffee.wordpress.com a little bit and found some great pictures of their work space and some of the artwork that the T-Shirts are based on. Sure looks like a fun place to work :-) keep up the great work guys.

Tasty Tees Creating Wearable Art

The Octopus is a new T-Shirt from Tasty Tees by Amsterdam based artist Lotte Klaver.

Lotte lives in Amsterdam and graduated from the Amsterdam School of Arts. Her drawings blog is www.lotteklaver.nl

More about Tasty Tees:

In a unique collaboration, tasty tees founder Tobias Crabtree works directly with artists and non-profit arts organizations to promote the creative community through printing collectible, ‘wearable’ art. A healthy portion of the proceeds from all t-shirt sales goes directly to each featured artist while also supporting the non-profit organization Starting Artists (www.startingartists.org), which provides opportunities for inner city teens to pursue their interests in the arts.

citizen:citizen Curated Pop Up Store In San Francisco

citizen:citizen opened its new traveling pop-up shop ‘mini-market’ at silverman gallery
in San Francisco. The shop features citizen:citizen curated selection of goods, including T-Shirts, jewelry, and all kinds of wonderful stuff designed by local and international designers. Most items are limited editions and the first shop will be closed on august 31st.

The Silverman Gallery is at 804 Sutter Street in Downtown San Francisco.

A bit more about citizen:citizen –

One of the growing elements of CITIZEN:Citizen is that of curatorial and creative direction. We develop culturally significant ideas, projects and events for organizations ranging from global fashion houses to galleries and museums. It’s an natural extension of our interest in offering new ways of seeing.

Elsewhere: Design Boom and PSFK

Chillin’ Productions Saturday August 2nd at 111 Minna, SF

If you are in SFO mark your calenders for Chillin’ Productions for clothing, fashion, design, art and live music at 111 Minna, San Francisco. This is always a great event and I always find new stuff there so it’s totally worth checking out, it’s much more of a party atmosphere than a lot of the events that sell crafts etc. and seeing as it’s been going on for 10 years I think they have the formula down, there is of course the dynamo Irena Hernandez behind it as well which I’m sure is one of the secrets of their success. Check out my previous write up of the show.

Last time I was at the show I met these beautiful divas from Beefy Rouge (unfortunately they are still working on their web site)

These guys from Mixer Friendly

and the gorgeous Lady Noir

Also don’t forget you can bring some items of clothing with you to get screenprinted at the show by the crazy guys from San Franphsyco, here’s a shot of them hard at work at the Haight St Fair (I run into these guys everywhere)


Imperfect Articles 72 hour 50% off Sale

Scottanderson Munti Store Detail

The weird and always wonderful Imperfect Articles store is having a 72 hour sale to make room for a new line. If I had any advice for these guys it would be to make get some photos of the shirts up and make the images as enticing as the copy. I’d also put this copy on the purchase page for any shirt and don’t hide it under the “about” section:

Merging a clothing brand and site-less gallery, Imperfect Articles takes an experimental approach to curatorial practice with limited-edition, hand-dyed and hand screen-printed t-shirts. Imperfect Articles challenges the relationship between image, audience and “exhibition” space with a new model of distribution that highlights work by emerging and established artists alike, conflating concepts of fine art, design and fashion.

Each shirt is an original, one-of-a-kind, numbered edition; our newest shirts are pressings of 30, 40 or 50 shirts only. Once the shirt is sold that’s it. All our shirts are hand-dyed, 100% cotton American Apparel short sleeve, fine jersey tees.

Royal art Lodge Poor People Store Detail

Dear Lucifer

Done by street artist Sixteen I think this would make a great t-shirt, maybe two, one with the God one and one with Lucifer. Anyway, don’t rip him off, the one above was an art student that copied him and the one below is his original. You can also support him by buying some of his prints at handmadeposters.com which are pretty damn cool. He also blogs here at Le Crap, yes he’s Canadian.

Via Ffffound and tracked down to This Machine Kills

I also found this at Handmadeposters.com which is frickin awesome:

Signed and numbered limited to 500, hand pulled screenprint.

Chillin Productions Redux

Chillin Productions was over a week ago and I owe it a write up. By far one of the best fashion/design/art event i’ve been too. The art was so high quality and diverse, the clothing and t-shirts were awesome and unique, and other features like live screen printing and the 10 DJ’s made it an afternoon/evening to remember. I met Irene Hernandez-Feiks who founded Chillin’ Productions at a party the week before and after that experience had to check it out because she is an amazing character (she was even DJ’ing some of the event).

I met lots of great people there and have to tell you that is becoming one of the funnest parts of writing this blog, going out and meeting the people behind the designs. There is so much going on in the indie fashion and t-shirt world things are very exciting.

Wear Me Naked

I loved Wear Me Naked, these are all hand painted and sewn shirts, with awesome designs and quirky condom pockets (they also do underwear with the condom pocket, sweet)

wear me naked

007 1

Indie Industries

I was also a big fan of what Indie Industries was doing. These guys are an artists collaborative which sell all kinds of indie merchandise with real stores. The stores in fact are probably best characterized as cool and authentic, kind of what Urban Outfitters wishes it could be. (I saw a much wider selection of stuff in person than I do on their site) so it might be worth checking out the store. They are at 2003 Milvia St. @ University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704 open Tues – Sat 12-7, Sun 12-5, closed Mon. Don’t believe me, check out their 5 star reviews on Yelp :-)

Lt Loveis 2

They even have Wallets
Vw Bangoozdraw 2

No Guns Productions

Not strictly a t-shirt but boy would this be a good one, from No Guns Productions the deck is for sale for $300 and you can see his stuff at San Francisco stores, Fabric8 and Lower Haighter. He also blogs here.

2481613685 e 479a 311a 4

Ninjagrl Samo

Boy Girl Tees

The girls that i was with loved the Skinny Bitch shirt from Boy Girl Tees :-) Another local label, based in San Rafael just north of San Francisco.
skinny bitch


And finally a big shout out to the crazy guys that were doing the live screen printing from San Franpsycho, these guys were great and screen printing shirts and anything else people brought along right there at the show.


Other folks that were in attendance:
artefacture.com “high design shirts”, Headline Shirts “damn funny shirts”,
Lady Noir, cool stuff for the ladies, Tenaciouslittlemonkey.com, shirts for kids, Artist, Rachel Znerold, amazing belt buckles from BootyBoutique.com

The next big indie shopping event is Capsule which is happening here:

Capsule Design Festival
Sunday, May 25, 2008
11:00 am ‘til 6:00 pm
Hayes Valley Park
Octavia and Hayes Streets, San Francisco, CA 94102

Chris Judge and Turtlehead Team Up for Online Exhibit (with free t-shirts)


Well thanks to Turtlehead for making this Chris Judge exhibit well within the Tcritic realm of topics I can write about without cries that my premiss runs thin. If you haven’t heard of Chris Judge (and as most of my readership is in the US so you may not have) he is a popular illustrator/artist in Ireland. Chris was recently named one of the “12 Illustrators whose work you need to see” by Print Magazine which is a very decent European design magazine.

Img 2730

The online exhibit features 22 of Chris’s original paintings (acrylic and marker pen on canvas) on display and available for sale, each coming with a limited edition t-shirt (although no word on how limited). The exhibit is going to be on from the Monday May 19th to May 26th (although no word on what happens when the time is up, and if any of the stuff will still be available for purchase).

Shirt 300

I think the designs will all make very striking and unique t-shirts, and may become some peoples most valued article of clothing (because to get the t-shirt you have to spend $150 to $220 on the art), makes a great story though doesn’t it.

Img 2725

here’s what they say about the exhibit:

This is the first online exhibition that Turtlehead are proud to announce. For our first exhibition we have joined forces with artist Chris Judge who has produced 22 original paintings exclusively for this show. Every painting bought comes with a free limited edition t-shirt design by Chris. If you live in Ireland you’ll also recieve a complimentary voucher for suchandsuch wine shop as we couldn’t figure out how to email glasses of wine without wrecking your computer. And if that’s not enough, all the shipping is free.

Img 2734

I actually think this provides a very useful model for blogs and artists to potentially collaborate beyond the crappy advertising model. Essentially the blog curates a collection for an artist and obviously gets a certain percentage of the sales as the “agent”/gallery. Obviously there is more potential for both the artist and the blogger to profit transparently on something with a higher margin than T-shirts (and could obviously work for lots of other items).

Chris also blogs here, I recommend checking it out.

W 0037 Judg Candyposter
(this is not in the exhibit but is another bit of his art that would make a killer T-Shirt)

Ninja Dreams – From the amazing OwlMovment

ninja dreams

Unfortunately I can’t deep link to specific shirts so you’ll have to go direct to owlmovement.com, but the designs are so awesome it is worth scrolling through the designs. Also check out this photo set on flickr of the OwlMovments secret Tee Shirt party they held in Ybor City (Miami), FL. Very cool stuff.