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New Social Networking T-Shirt – Reallife

Headline shirts, a local SF T-shirt company, have not only come out with some new cool shirts but they’ve also totally revamped their web site as well. Love the Reallife t-shirt and as usual they went to town on the copy :)

Look out, Facebook! A new social networking phenomenon is sweeping the nation. The revolutionary Reallife allows users to “do things” and have actual “human to human contact.”

Much like Facebook, users can add “friends” to their Reallife profile. However, unlike Facebook, “friends” do not include the wheezy kid you vaguely remember from camp, Todd’s roommate who once sold you weed and wants to bone you, or Barack Obama.

Reallife is also different from Facebook in that users will see the real you — not a grossly misleading avatar, a picture of your child/cat, or a uncannily smoldering “candid” shot of you staring away from the camera all mysteriously.

Also, in Reallife, throwing a sheep at someone would be considered rude, and possibly illegal (though not in Nebraska).

Other favorites from HS:
Da Vinci’s Guitar Hero

America, Back With a Vengeance

Wake me up when it’s time to rock again

America Restoring, Please Wait T-Shirt from Bon

Great concept from Bonaroo.co.uk, I think the concept of America getting back on track is probably going to fuel amazing passion at creativity over the next few years. I can’t tell you how much hope and inspiration I’m finding in the conversations I’m having even with strangers. I don’t know about other cities but San Francisco is electric right now, so much hope and so much belief that change is coming. Maybe we will end up cynical again in 6 months but right now the feeling that the concept of the American Dream is a reality again. I may not be an American but I am very proud of America right now

Made In America T-Shirt – In Chinese from Wiggly Piggly

Great T-Shirt from Wiggly Piggly that says Made In America in Chinese, very nice. Unfortunatly it’s currently only in a Youth L, so unless you are a petite woman or a kid, you are out of luck here. C’mon guys, lets make some more sizes, kthxbye.

Made In The USA Tee, Red and Blue Ink. Chinese Characters for “Made In The USA”. Hand Silkscreened On Old Navy Ringer Tee. Comes in size Youth L (equivalent to American Apparel Small ).

And for a touch more irony here’s a nice little American Flag pin made in China :-)

As it turns out over 20% of American Flags sold in America are imported.

Thanks for the heads up to Josh Smith at imJosh.com

God Bless Everyone

God Bless Everyone is a great T-Shirt from Demockratees.com that would be entirely appropriate for the upcoming 4th of July celebrations. I’ve always been bothered by the exclusionary nature of the God Bless America statement, maybe because it is often used by politicians and almost always with more emphasis on the America as opposed to the God Bless portion of the request. Well I don’t think God or any supreme being is going to be singling out countries for any special blessing, just like they aren’t helping athletes score goals or sports teams win.

Anyway, thanks Corie for twittering about these guys