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Original 1985 Live Aid T-Shirts On Auction To Benefit Aids Relief In Africa

Live aid

Wow, genuine Live Aid T-shirt from 1985 up for auction, and 75% of the sale price going to Africa Aid. Talk about a long tail of charitable works :-) There are about 20 shirts on offer being sold by Defunkd_vintage

Live aid Letter

You can of course go and buy a American Apparel T-shirt directly from Africa Aid for $20 and feed a refugee child for a year:
Box Tshirt

Say Anything Lloyd Dobler T-shirt from Etsy


Say Anything Lloyd Dobler Tshirt from Etsy.

“in your eyes!”

Find out more about say anything on wikipedia, they even mention the recent Colbert/Stewart bit where

Jon Stewart told Colbert that there was not enough time to finish the segment. Moments later, the camera cuts to Colbert screaming and holding up a stereo with “In Your Eyes” playing.

Now that’s a cutting edge encyclopedia!