T-shirts in the media

Two awesome t-shirts that i’ve written about previously just got some serious MSM (main stream media) coverage which is awesome. Congratulations to both GoApeShirts and Akomplice Clothing. The BooBoo Walker I wrote about in Dec ’06 just got featured in Stuff Magazine (which looks like they need to read my top ten star wars t-shirt post) UPDATE: of course hearty congrats to Lucky Threadz who also had a few shirts featured from Rock Stars, to Jawa-Que, to Hoth 45, and Abuse The Force :-)

stuff mag
You can buy the shirt here

And Akomplice Clothings Liberty T-shirt that I also wrote about in Dec ’06 just got featured on the hit HBO show Entourage.

turtle liberty

Although I think it looks better on these girls at the Akomplice release party :-)


You can buy Akomplice T-shirts from DigitalGravel, unfortunately the Liberty shirt seems to be sold out :-(

Other T-shirt news:
50 Robot T-shirts from Hide Your Arms
A new design from Go Ape Shirts called Beernoculars featuring a little gold foil bling

Obviously great for any t-shirt business to get featured in shows and media like this, anyone got any tips for how t-shirt companies can get their designs picked up like this? Apart from getting featured on blogs that is :-)

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  1. Zoltan says:

    i’ve just started a small tee shirt company called the-affair and i’d very much like to know how some MSM coverage like this comes about? i’m guessing both these brands have at least part-time (if not more) fashion PR working for them? BTW does anyone know any good (ideally free!) fashion PR?

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